Martijn Oosterhuis

striped clothes, trendy glasses and bald head – a raft that is Martijn Oosterhuis. He is ready for it and shoot right away with his words cannon. What a wants this comedian. He starts in \ ‘ Jehova comedy \ ‘. You ask yourself now probably wondering what that is. Oosterhuis tells the Visual. You see the Joker all along the doors on the known way of the Jehovah’s witnesses. \ ‘ May I tell a joke? No? Would I please my foot back may? \ ‘ and so he goes on smooth way further. Oosterhuis talks about his life. He takes everything to during this show. So he talks about kakkochtonen. Someone from k country ends up in the big city. He is such a person, as son of a dentist. His wisdom during his youth, he received from women’s magazines. He talks about football, boozing, gabbers, treats at school, city guards, Queen’s day, rappers and driving lesson. No subject é n him goes too far this time from registration. E full of hilarious highlights, I will truly never forget. Oosterhuis tells that he flashed on the way to the theater by a COP with a laser gun. Suddenly he invents all sorts of ë theory n. hair grows yet again if you let lasering? You have no glasses more needed if you treat your eyes with a laser show and what about the weglaseren of tattoos. What happens to a Hells Angel who flashed when he in his shirt with full pass getatoe ë erde arms? Suddenly a piece from his tattoo? Oosterhuis doesn’t love so ë n his theory on after. It can never, of course, but he tells it so amazing strong that you d \ ‘ r almost in going to believe. This dvd also contains also a perk. You see an interview with obiageli é for é of his performances during the Hard Laughter festival. Itself I found it not so \ a captivating interview, but fortunately it lasted not long. Let Oosterhuis but play instead of questions.Live at Laughing Matters is a very comic dvd. Ideal if you want to relax for the tube. Drink and something to happen there é n enjoy.Image removed by redactieMartijn Oosterhuis Live at Laughing Matters running time: 1 hour, 15 minutes and 8 seconds list price: 22.99 euro Advice age: all order at great online rates! Martijn oosterhuis nosave  Martijn oosterhuis Martijn Oosterhuis-Live At

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