Matthew Miller, born 27 years ago in West Chester, Pennsylvania USA, grew up in White Plains in New York State. During his quest for adventure in Isra ë l, Colorado, Oregon and New York City, he got not only a spiritual vocation where he gave, but also action in response to Matthew got from above by which he had to save in revolutionary road. That is, the road to the messages of peace and unity that flow through him, through reggae and hip hop sounds broadcast. Its aim is to improve the world by sharing his music, without the ego’s and worldly desires interfere with his music. At fifteen he discovered Bob Marley. ” Marley is mysticism. He radiates spirituality out and there I felt already then attracted to. ” That attraction lies mainly in the Rastafarian faith of Jamaica. ” Thanks to them I can my message. Rastafarians are perhaps no descendants of the Jewish people, as they claim, but they have my respect. They are strong individuals and aim just when I go to a better world. ” A new phenomenon is born. An authentic-looking young Orthodox Jew, complete with beard, ringlets and yarmulke. On Friday evening-Sabbath-enter the strict believer singer not on he of his faith should not touch women, so that can not hand him interview him, journalistes, and should go dressed decent. And if he wants to stage diving (and so does Matisyahu like), the Organization to have ensured that there are only men in the first rows.


Matisyahu Miller: ” I study every day the Torah (the Jewish Bible) and especially the Hasidic pieces. In particular ó ó v r the religious holidays. It helps me to better integrate the rituals with which I have worked for in the here and now. All my songs are be ï affected by the leather pieces that inspire me. I want my music has meaning, people and them think. Music touches us deeply and speaks to us in a way that words cannot. We must detach from the external pressure, of society, of money. It is a form of slavery that we do to ourselves. ” Whatever you of his appearance and/or attitude to life, each offer CD Youth fits perfectly in this summer season. Delicious, unadulterated reggae, which you absolutely not stand still can sit and can sing along. Despite that you occasionally think: H é, that sounds like a cover of Bob Marley, is the real reggae from the 21st century. Delicious! Matisyahu-Youth tracklist 1. Fire of Heaven/Altar of earth 2. Youth 3. Time of Your Song 4. Dispatch the Troops 5. Indestructible 6. What I’m Fighting for 7. Jerusalem 8. WP 9. Shalom/Salaam 10. Late Night in Zion 11. Unique is My Dove 12. Ancient Lullaby 13. King Without a Crown running time: 46 minutes and 55 seconds Label: Sony BMG Music Entertainment list price: 19.99 euro

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