Broken Flowers

according to the letter, Don a son of nearly nineteen years. He thinks it is a joke, but Winston says to him that he should go looking. He gives Don the command to create a list with potential ë le writers. Don says he does not want this, that he didn’t ge ï interested, yet he makes the list. Winston comes to retrieve the list. The next time they see each other again has created a very plan Winston. Everything is sorted out, where they live, whether they are married and what their new last name is. He also has directions and a plan was made for Don. The only thing Don have to do is tomorrow morning on the plane steps. Winston tells him also that he on certain characteristics to look out for, photo’s, pink stationery, red ink. Winston also tells him that he must take a bunch pink flowers. Don is not interested, but ï again the next morning is Don still on the plane. During his trip is visiting Don four former girlfriends and comes as in weird situations. At the first two he tries subtly find out if they have children, and then possibly by him. Not all the answers he gets are equally clear. In the last two sets he’s been more focused some more questions, but still it doesn’t get much clarity. Don decides to go back home.

on his journey comes Don several young men against; would be one of them may be his son? He speaks in his own home town boy to … The film was made by Jim Jarmusch … which name I know from somewhere. If I snap the lookup I immediately why the film is filmed as it is. Night on Earth is a film of him that I’ve seen a few years ago. Jarmusch’s films are the occasional vague, have not clearly interoperable stories, but everything is still in some way related to each other. In this film, the color pink forward. The nice thing is that you while watching the exact same thinks like Don: \ ‘ Hey, pink … could this be the wife? \ ‘ tells one of the extra’s In Jarmusch on the making of the film. According to Jarmusch you need after seeing a movie thinking about it keep thinking, it must be in your head are left. Such extra’s I find myself very nice … hearing the Director what he mean. Furthermore, there are small pieces of extra’s on the DVD from the movie. A sc è ne with two girls in the bus that some times you have to see and a section in which each take, each beginning of a sc è ne ë the DVD Also contains the official le. trailer of the film and info on the soundtrack.Broken Flowers with Bill Murray, Jeffrey Wright and Sharon Stone. Time: 101 minutes list price: 19.99 euro Advice age: 6 years order Online! Broken Flowers  Broken Flowers

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