' live without speed is not life! '

” I’ll be ready if I do my special tailor-made suit on and off ” Jules Deelder Clothing is actually irrelevant. I just need a good size and can always succeed in the Italian sector. Sometimes I like special effects on my tailored suits, such as pointy shoulders, since I have a guy here in Rotterdam for. I did buy a whole exclusive ring. A nazi ring of Himmler. That is very exclusive and worth a fortune. The ring I have ever bought for a dollar. That man wanted a token amount of a guilder for it. I said, I’ll give you a dollar! If I ever can I sell is very badly financially. At the time red I still though. I had some financial problems due to the fact that the tax authorities ë le little accommodating was. Which I have now contested by those Ruby advertising. ” He has made himself a figure ” Simon Vinkenoog I do no different for me than that I am. Many people are not themselves. I’m not at home to think: I’ll do so and so. I get this image because I myself am always consistently. I cannot otherwise. What Simon Vinkenoog says is for his account. I am little with the è ne literatuursc. that’s all \ ‘ \ literatureluur ‘. ” Deelder is a walking encyclopedia ” Bart Chabot (jazz) I have a very ordered plates Cabinet. All plates are arranged on label. However, the rest of my life looks not look like my record closet. In terms of plates, I am also not to have everything. Only what is good. ” There are few good bands at this time ” Jules Deelder I like nothing at the moment. Only the New Cool Collectives I find fun. I mostly busy with customers who have long since dead. I’m also not really impressed of what DJ Maestro for example with his record does. He’s going to take its course but. However, if I the archives of Blue Note (a renowned Jazz label – ed.) at my disposal I would have would be quite a bit different from them. The music of Blue Note is just fine, there can no one what to change. I bring myself to bring out other jazz at jazz CDs. I find it much more fun to be with someone to arrive that no one yet knows. My preference goes to instrumental jazz. I hate all that song. As Norah Jones who supposedly makes also jazz, yes day! That’s not a song. That’s kinda the problem of jazz. Everyone is already dead. But if you have the plates then turns life them again.
Image removed by editors ” We live by the grace of the syringe ” Jules Deelder live without speed is not life, for me! But that may not apply to everyone. Already used by everyone. Alcohol is also debilitating. You can, of course, and against. I will not, however, promote drugs. I will never take a shot on stage or something. I would itself without drugs just a lot less to my sense. I do everything I do always as hard as possible. So I always drive as hard as possible. There you will have also the environment with it. If you can drive a piece of in 10 minutes instead of an hour, that’s also cleaner for the environment. In my case keep drug use me too young. It has never been well researched, but it could hardly be otherwise. You can’t suddenly stop after 40 years. Just look at Herman Brood. I mik now on the 99 years. I want or very young death, or very old, but not somewhere in the middle. Finally, are you but é é n day old if you live in the present. The rest is between time. I was even though closer when I haven’t used. It helps overcome certain thresholds. The drugs should never be an end in itself. It should be you not going to use. ” Jazz is my Religion ” title of the film I have not seen the movie yet, but I’m not worried. That voyeur like is nothing to me. Filming has a total of three years, but there were sometimes three months between that nothing was filmed. I said; do there but as long as you want. I have Gerard (Wessel, the Director – ed.) given a free hand. I have also edited nothing afterwards. Of course I did not want that they came to film if I just came out of my nest, but otherwise I made me worry about it. It is also Gabriel film, not mine. The essence of someone is still elusive. But I will be like in the movie. I cannot live without

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