The creeping evil

the half Indian Mary Crow says her job as a public prosecutor on, leave Atlanta and returns to her roots; the country of the Cherokee Indians. And her great love Jonathan. A warm welcome, it is not at all. Mary is the one from her previous feature the death of their corrupt Sheriff Logan has on its conscience and that takes the seemingly idyllic small town still blame her. Find a job also appears far from easy, so open Mary eventually but a small law Office for simple and above all harmless chores. At least that was the intent and the only condition that Jonathan has set her to their now very relationship a chance. Then a teen girl with smashed skull found dead in her bed and a good friend immediately suspicious of this murder. Mary’s hunters instinct and sense of Justice turns out at that crucial moment stronger than love bites and from then they are stuck in a search for the perpetrator. Mary soon realizes that they are not dealing with an ordinary killer, but with a life-threatening psychopath. The creeping evil is the fourth thriller with the sympathetic, purposeful Mary Crow in the lead role. The from Nashville, Tennesee-based Sallie Bissell, debuted in 2001 with Forest of death and that turned out to be a promising beginning of an exciting series. Bissell is now also called the Patricia Cornwell of the Appalachian Mountains called. In-depth characters, complicated relationships and the ongoing threat of a stray psychopath are here known ingredients ë patients who guarantee an exciting and very fascinating book. In addition, Bissell the atmosphere of the lands of the description so aptly Cherokanen know that it looked like I was walking around. An absolute surplus value. That it immediately clear who is good and who is bad and that the plot is fairly predictable, I find downsides, but do not detract from the fact that this is just an exciting and well written story. To The creeping evil a topper to call it, is going to me so far, but the promised hours of reading pleasure are certainly not excessive. Legacy: Forest of death, Maze and diabolical hunt.Image removed by redactieSallie Bissell The creeping evil 368 pages: Sijthoff publishing house ISBN: 90-245-5713-5 list price: 18.95 euro order Online! The creeping evil

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