Let the sun shine!

How to prevent sunburn is? To prevent sunburn, you have to make sure that your skin is protected. A good protection of the skin means a good protection against UV-A and UV-B rays. A number of important opinions are: • use a sunblock with a good sun protection factor (BF) or Sun Protection Factor (SPF) against both UV-A and UV-B. • Between 11 am and 3 pm the Sun is fierce. In this period you better not sunbathe. • Leaves the skin gradually get used to the Sun. Gun your skin rest and stay once a day in the Sun. • In a clear air, snow, water or sand is reflected radiation, making them stronger on the skin works. • Umbrellas and cloud cover let UV rays through, so protection can also. • Cosmetics can cause nasty skin reactions under the influence of UV. So remove all cosmetics (eye shadow, lipstick, deodorant etc.) before you go sunbathing. • Sun and alcohol go bad together. If you’re going to sunbathe you better no alcohol use. Alcohol dilates blood vessels even more. This can sunburn worse. • Stay also protect yourself once you are brown. A brown skin not fully protects against the negative long term effects.

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Anti-sunscreen Walking a pharmacy/parfumerie in and you will be inundated with the wide range of various anti-sunscreen products. We put there some for you one by one.BiodermalBiodermal has an extensive line Sun products that not only provide a high level of protection, but also for a faster Tan concerns. E é n of the special top products from this line is called the Presun zonvoorbereider. It contains orange extract that the skin in less hours of sunshine yet that coveted brown color gives. Going on vacation or you know that there is a nice beach day arrives, start than four days in advance with the lubrication of this zonvoorbereider. You can also use in your face, under your normal dagcr è me. For Sun itself has Biodermal the Sun Protect Milk in the factors 20, 30 and 60 and the Sun Protect Cr è me for the facial skin in factor of 20 and 60. For after tanning and Aftersun Milk Cream and the bruinverlengende there is an intensive Soothing Bodybutter for if it went wrong is. Prices starting from 9,95 euro.Lancaster Lancaster Also has a very extensive range of Sun products. This can be divided in four lines; The Basics, the Specifics, the Sun smart and the Precious Sun line. We explain a number of products from. The Sun Slim line is every woman’s dream; Suns, take care of your skin and cellulite to your work! This line prevents cellulite reduced. The Sun Smart Celluli-Burner is there in an SPF 8 and 15 and also contains this line a T Stimulator, which the skin for the Suns all preparing for the Sun. Unlike the Presun of recommended Biodermal however, this milk is already a month in advance to boot with doping, but you work or take some time out to your cellulite! Lancaster also has the Precious Sun line, which also works against SPF8, huiveroudering and available in 1 and 30. This line won among other things the Astir Award 2005. Lancaster also are still many additional products for Sun selection, such as a scrub, protection for the hair and a protective makeup line. Prices starting from 17.50 euro.

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Yves Rocher Yves Rocher starting this month introduces a completely new line Sun products; Protectyl V é g é tal. Zonnecr è me snelbruinende this contains a factor 4, de Lait Hydro Protection in factor 10 and 15, a moisturizing Sun spray in factor 10 and 15, a 3-in-1 protection in factor 30 and of course also a Aftersun milk and gel. The entire line has a delightful, tropical fresh scent. Rates from 7.95 euros.At Sun allergy are you going to the tropics, than is Care Plus an ideal product. This contains products with a higher factor. There is a sunblock with spf 25, a lipstick with spf 30 and a special aftersun. These products are also suitable for sensitive skin or Sun allergy, because they are free of perfumes and dyes and preservatives. Also UltraSun is ideal for people with sensitive skin or Sun allergy. Ultrasun Sun products only need to be applied once a day and only contain physical filters (so not affected by allergy ë n). Also ideal for children! Available in factor 17, 20 and 28 and of course, there is also a aftersun and lip balm. Urtizon has special granules for Sun allergies also two sprays for Sun, available with protection factor 8, 15 and 21 (Sun blocker). The sprays are waterproof and aftersun in spray form available. Be wise and well prepared in the Sun. This will take care of your not only your skin but also prevent a lot of misery! www.biodermal.nlwww.yvesrocher.nlwww.careplus.nl

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