Spanish Passion

this lifestyle appeals to many Europeans. There are also millions of people annually than to Spain with holiday, there is massively migrated or wintered and half the world eat tapas or follows a Spanish course or Flamenco dancing. Spanish Passion is a picture book that the real Spanish life portrays in an impressive way.

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The photography is thematically classified: Flamenco, Semana Santa, El Rocio, the last cowboys of Europe etc. Each theme is introduced and many of the photo’s feature descriptions with interesting facts. The photo’s are sometimes somewhat confrontational, like that of a mountain dead bulls after the Bullfight and the contrasts between the modern world and the traditional Spain. But all the amazing photo’s all of which tell a story.

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If large Spain-lover called the picture’s with me a sense of nostalgia on. the passion and temperament splashes off the picture’s really. The number of texts in the book is minimal, but that is also not necessary in a book like this. The photo’s say so much more than words! Are you fond of Spain and its culture, then this book is definitely not your bookshelves are missing!Image removed by redactieD. Huineman, j. Waite Spanish Passion 192 pages Publisher: Inmerc ISBN: 90-661-193-49 list price: 29,95 euro order Online! spanish Passion  spanish passion Spanish passieJ.

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