How do I capture a guy?

How do I capture a guy? sounds a bit like a self-help book, but appearances are deceiving. The book is just a novel, with some men-capture-tips hidden. Main character of the story is Ally James: divorced mother of two children. From the time that ex-husband David has left her, she runs with the grief of her broken family. As a result, she is not open to other men. Its already by men for seeing girl friends Mel and Clara pushing Ally to find a new companion. But when Mel (who works at a women’s magazine) a piece should write about relationship guru Marina, the command gets Ally to take part in some of its seminars. Marina has marketing techniques applied to finding a suitable life partner. With the eight P’s: Planning, Product, Packaging, Prospecting, promotion, location, Props and Persevereance must Ally to a man come. Initially it is of course not at all happy with the plan and Ally wants, they actually don’t. Once they agree with the first seminar, however, see them secretly in the usefulness of the marketing plan and finds her new Ally I even like it! But the hair will succeed to find the ideal partner?How do I capture a guy? is a nice novel. It sounds like a real chicklitboekje here, but the writing style and subjects ensure that the rises above this level. Ally discusses the available problems when you’re a single mother and how hard it is to find a partner, as busy working mama. The booklet is written for me so not really, but I’ve had lots of reading pleasure. The tips in the book are also doesn’t apply to me. Though they are useful when you as a single mom a bit left rust are in motherhood and not know how you can come out of it. With a smile on your face can be read in how do I capture a guy? what you could do to change. And I? I catch my men for the time being on my own clumsy way …Jane Buxton how do I capture a guy? 343 pages Publishing House: the core ISBN: 90-325-1036-3 order Online! nosave how do I capture a guy? How do I capture a guy?Buxton, j.

list price: 16, 95 euro

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