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the program knew this year many well known names. Early was known to the Red Hot Chile Peppers the valve of Pinkpop 2006 are, for many people alone d é reason to to travel back to the South. But also the rest of the line up spoke to many people. What about Franz Ferdinand, Tool, Placebo, Danko Jones, The Rakes, The Infadels, Jamie Lidell, Keane, Soulfly, Skin – who on Monday replaced, because the Hague did not agree with the time of its action –, Kaiser Chiefs, dEUS, Paul Weller and the Bloodhound Gang. But also the Dutch muzieksc è ne was represented with performances by, among others, Kraak & Smaak, Racoon, Opgezwolle and Blof. The presentation was in familiar hands: 3FM dj Claudia de Breij and Giel Beelen’s were allowed to take on this task. Claudia was on Sunday, by the way, replaced by her new colleague Barbara Karel, who recently came from MTV.

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The weekend started literally with a false note, because Nelly Furtado on the main stage regularly missed the right notes. Nevertheless, they put a crazy show, including several people from the audience on stage were extracted. The false note was soon well made on the 3FM stage by the Lords of Kubb and Admiral Freebee, all felt a bit out of place to Kubb. These gentlemen had better \ ‘ \ ‘ in the tent can do their thing, because the setting on the former Noordpodium took out the intimacy away and thereby felt a bit dull to action. The Kaiser Chiefs made just like last year at Lowlands for a jumping crowd, after which Placebo with a solid occur the moment Saturday. A pleasant surprise on Sunday were The Zutons, rousing rock with a heavy dose of sax. These men and Lady got the feet from the floor in the John Peel. The men of Racoon and dEUS kept themselves on the Sunday well standing on the main stage, which could not be said about the Bloodhound Gang. Okay, funny é is é n, but you can also shoot too far with moderate comments and actions. Because to well over each other to go piss?

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In addition to music there on Pinkpop also attention to the inner man. Only is it too bad you ten have the same stalls with fries, sausage and burgers and but little variation have in your choice. After two days of burgers is that very convenient. A little bit of heaven on Earth was the Peace, Love and Ben & Jerry’s stand. Enjoying a tasty ice cream you could hang on a custommade slumped Fatboys and watch the bands on the main stage. Also this year the people of Shabani Fun something \ ‘ \ ‘ extreme figured out: you could in a bowl 60 meters into the air, with which you had a perfect view over the terrain. That was still a highlight of Pinkpop. On the festival market (which this name shouldn’t wear with only 4 stalls) had the Belgians also added a offroad trail. Just a pity that visitors are not allowed to drive themselves. That will fix have located on the permillage… The Monday opener was as he sings ‘ So beautiful ‘. Pete Murray brought a lot of people still on the leg and made everyone wake up gently. On the other hand, made the 3FM stage Soulfly on anyone not yet a brutally awoke to an end. At first glance seemed to be somewhat a strange duck on Blof Pinkpop, but surprisingly were so \ ‘ n 20,000 people singing along. On the John Peel stage gave Jamie Lidell and the Editors a fine show off, whereupon also Keane duly did their thing and Franz Ferdinand on the main stage. The occurrence of Anthony Kiedis and z \ ‘ n men was a worthy ending to a beautiful, warm, musical and successful Pinkpop 2006. Pinkpop in brief …Plus * Red Hot Chile Peppers * much, much sun * the beanbags of Ben & Jerry’s * TwisterMin * Bloodhound Gang * Nelly Furtado * little variation eateries * many camping (but oh well, that gets used also  man )

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