Where has it gone wrong

this happened to me with Where it went wrong. Nearly four hundred pages long I was not at home in my own Chair, but I sat at Eve, who went through hell because of the fact that her son was a murderer. With the goose bumps on my arms I felt what she felt, I experienced what they experienced and I forgot everything that happened around me. This was no read more; This was literally lose myself in a story. On 8 april 1999, the 15-year-old son of Eva shoot Kevin Katchadourian in cool blood nine people dead. Not his first atrocity, but for this act he ends up in prison. Eve, who her son is now finally on safe distance know, is depressed and stunned wondering where the hell went wrong? In a desperate attempt to get answer to that question, she begins to write. Via letters to her husband, who is no longer with her, she looks back on the leaden family life with son Kevin. The son who eerily resembles the devil child in The Omen. It is a genetic issue or maybe her way of educating been? He felt that they never kept him has? On a very confrontational rock-hard way she takes a closer look at her mother qualities and marriage, which they themselves in no way saves. She starts at the beginning as Franklin and they lead a delicious life without children. For her company she travels all over the world and they have freedom and pennies in abundance. Then begins the biological clock of Eva distracting tapping and they come out that the children don’t ask business to answer United with pluses and minuses. Eva comes out, but in a moment of fear, they bite the chops and she gets pregnant. From the birth of Kevin takes the goosebumps content in rap rate. The darkest sides of motherhood are as poisonous arrows fired and dodging is not possible. Lionel Shriver performs to the most heinous situations, thoughts and feelings in such a way to put into words that a movie with sound and vision out could have been more violent than this book. Eva is experiencing and feel things, which you as expectant mother not yet fabricated might get. Where you as a mother would dare not to think, let alone that you are going through. Lionel Shriver is a journalist and already has seven novels to her name. With Where went wrong (Let’s talk about Kevin) dragged they quite rightly, the literary Orange Prize 2005 in the guard. A terribly poignant and profound story, which brought me really blown. And é é n dilemma just keeps running through my mind ghosts: what does a mother, with all her heart and soul if they feel that the little helpless newborn baby in her arms, by and by malicious? Image removed by redactieLionel Shriver where is the error gone 398 pages Publishing House: A.W. Bruna ISBN: 90-229-9190-3 list price: 19,95 euro order Online! where is the error gone nosave  where is the error gone where is the error gegaanL. Shriver

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