The Herb Spectacles-' s Bongolito Hideaway

the music of The Herb Spectacles consists of a mix of South American Tijuana and mariachiklanken. This music was extremely popular in the 1960s at the hands of musicians such as Chet Baker, who in addition to his jazz work too much maria chip took up, and of course let Herb Alpert, who with his Tijuana Brass announced in one fell swoop this music world. The Herb refers of course to Herb Alpert and when the band came together for the first time, it turned out that all band members are herself used glasses. The Herb Spectacles was a fact. After their debut album The Incredible World of The Herb Spectacles in 2003 is here than the successor Bongolito’s Hideaway.

About Herb Alpert I read somewhere: \ ‘ Alpert was with his music the anti-hero of the sixties. Where the young people and the artists walked away with the Beatles and the Stones, there turned young economics students parents and boring, spanned the plates of Alpert. \ ‘ Aha, I’m not a boring economics student but rather a mature young, sometimes slightly arched, older. So Bongolito’s Hideaway will I fixed nice find, I thought. At the first show I got right are laughing because it reminded me of a boring visits to aunts and uncles where as a child I had to go with it per se. And where this kind of music so always in the background was turned. My parents found it (thankfully) but none; they preferred to soul and rock & roll. Anyway, during dinners and get-togethers over the last two weeks I have also set up Bongolito’s Hideaway as background music. And sure enough, the response was the same. ” What is this music? You have plundered the closet of your parents? How to get to here? ” after a few jumping, however, was already meegefloten, hummed and with the feet on the size meegetikt. We were also called reminiscent of film music and came up with the same for what kind of movies this music than would be suitable. Because Quentin Tarantino in his movies generally has a fairly unusual choice for music, his name was called first. This was Tarantino namely also in terms of choice of music a trendsetter. So a tip for The Herb Spectacles: send a copy to Tarantino because who knows we still get a sequel to From Dusk till Dawn 2. It is not my music, but by now, I am already so far that I don’t find it as annoying background music to set up. Tracklist 1. Sparks Of Summer 2. Wake Up And Listen 3. Flamingo 4. Mapache 5. Bongolito’s Hideaway 6. One Of Your Lovers 7. Maria Zamora 8. Divisadero 9. Tonight At The Camino Real 10. Domani 11. The Naked Butcher 12. In Love 13. Dolores 14. Todos Lo Hacen (and Veracruz)  The Herb Spectacles-Bongolito & # 039; s Hideaway The Herb Spectacles Bongolito’s Hideaway running time: 40 minutes and 34 seconds tag: Excelsior Recordings list price: 20.99 Euro

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