The end of silence

Stanbury House, the dream house and the perfect location to take a breath, to escape the hustle and bustle of the busy daily life. And that’s exactly what the three childhood friends, Alexander, Tim and Leon do. Together with their families they bring every free hour for many years by on this beautiful estate. They enjoy the scenery, the atmosphere of old world charm, their intense friendship and happiness. A tight-knit club where absolutely get is, or do they? At Jessica saves the doubt far. As the second wife of Alexander is they only just at the club and on this holiday is overcome by a feeling of discomfort and her regular walk there from scratch ice cold shivers down her back. Behind the cozy dinners, the generated conversations about fantastic carri è res and the cozy intimacy lurks something else. She feels chill, hate, sadness, frustration and Venom. They will taste fear and disgust. They fled the increasingly invisible blackness and wanders around for hours around in them. She continues to wonder what is going on and its concern is increasing. Stanbury House decor is a heinous crime and pour out the years of carefully constructed House of cards of love, happiness and perfection final in each other. The cesspool of the happy family turns out gigantic and is leeggeschept to the bottom. The born 1963 Charlotte Link was hugely successful especially in Germany. She is known for her family and crime novels, and there is even made into a film for her work on television. Her previous novel, the House of the sisters in 2004 was shortlisted for the Deutsche Bucherpreis. Image removed by redactieHet end of the silence is a very refined built story involving the characters and relationships to Link far behind the comma has deepened. The changes of perspective I found not always pleasant, but I understood that they are correct in this story with all its psychological backgrounds, were necessary. The fascinating depth was lucky a very dominating factor and for me to find a reason to make this a good book. Less I found the introduction of the characters, which I just got the idea in a kind of farce ended up to be boring, a love novel. Everything took place in that one House and the kabbelde but a little on. But heck, the end hangs and the rest of the story has that moderate stub of a few pages, as far as I’m concerned amply compensated. As a finishing touch a real read Ribbon. Thanks to this pleasant surprise disappeared still the end of the silence as a unique copy in my bookcase; one without dog-ears.Image removed by redactieCharlotte Link the end of silence 511 pages Publishing House: The House of Books ISBN: 90-443-1471-8 list price: 18.50 euro order Online! the end of silence nosave  the end of silence

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