The video recordings are gradually becoming more personal. Troubled go George and Anne to the police, but this can mean nothing to them. George, a tv presenter of a books program, is coming slowly but surely behind that video recordings refer to something that happened in his youth and where he played a major role in. He tries desperately to keep grip on the situation, but as a result he still further of himself and his family to face off. The central question in the film Cach é, seems to be the following: How do you react as an adult when you’re faced with something you’ve done as a child and with which you have disturbed his life another strong?

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The Austrian Director Michael Haneke, is only at a later age (47) started filming. He formerly with psychology and philosophy and that is clearly noticeable in this movie. The themes, guilt, hatred and responsibility are well covered. For this film is Haneke at the film festival in Cannes 2005 awarded the Golden palm for Best Director \ ‘ \ ‘. With its slow way of filming he puts in my eyes no experiences down, but call é caught. The camera is sometimes minutes long quiet in the same spot, making you as a viewer presses is included in the reality of the main characters. The Director explains in Cach é flawlessly the human soul bare, stripped of all shows. Each person has things to lose, but to what extent are you going to hold what you have?

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Cach é is as far as I’m concerned a real art house film. I must say in all honesty that the film me while watching what disappointed us. That was to do with my expectations prior to a fast, exciting psychological thriller to go see, something that Cach é clearly is not. At the sight of the bonus features: an extensive interview with the Director and a behind the scenes look at the shots, the film came to me more to life. In the days that followed I caught myself out that themes from the movie played through my head on a regular basis. The latter is exactly what the Director aims with its open end. I cannot but conclude that he regards what d á t succeeded is. Cach é including Daniel Auteuil, Julliette Binoche and Maurice B é nichou running time: 117 minutes + bonus material 60-minute Advice age: 16 years list price: 20, 99 euro Release date: 22 June 2006 order Online! Caché  Caché

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