it all starts as her husband Joe proposes to her dreams, he has the last two years written down in a diary, to send to different authorities. Also during her internship at the Prosecutor gets Allison images by by different issues. So there is a case a man killed with six bullets, Allison has a theory that explains where the man as first is shot and what happened next. Allison is summoned by the Texas Rangers as one of her dreams after all, very corresponds to a matter set in Texas. Although not everyone immediately convinced of the case still can solve them Allisons. Back on her internship she tells her boss that she wants to stop. He confronts her with her theory that they announced earlier that week. Her theory turns out to be wrong. By her boss she gets offered a job as a consultant.

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In the subsequent episodes of the first season Allison works as a means of calling for prosecutors force. Many issues can be solved by her gift. Her husband should be there in the beginning very get used to it. Allison has now all of a sudden work and they are not regular times. Joe is every now and then with the kids stuck to his work, while he also must actually own. The environment, family and friends, know nothing of the gift of Allison. That is but better too, because how do you explain that you have predictive dreams, with which you can solve crimes or even occur? In the course of the series shows that the oldest daughter also exhibits traits of the gift from her mother. The family Dubois does not so much with it, they want it just run its course let go. It made me a little of the 1960s series Bewitched. Since July 21, is the first season in repetition on Net5. For the true fan is the DVDbox from 3 August for sale. I myself am a fan of this genre. I do believe in that supernatural things. And the fact that it is based on something real, I find totally fun. Yet some sort of \ ‘ \ ‘ proof that something more is … Do you want to know more about the real life of Allison Dubios? Read the article Kiss them goodbye.Image removed by editors Medium season 1 with Partricia Arquette, Jake Weber and Miguel Sandoval Time: 657 minutes (4 DVD’s) list price: 34.99 euro Advice age: 12 years order Online! Medium  Medium Medium-season 1 (4DVD) Sofia Vassilieva

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