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Questions They devised questions like what is your image of God?, do you believe in life after death? and who admires you most on this world? and suggested these questions on the most diverse places in the world. So spoke so ë on a bench with the assisting celebrities including Sallis under a tree in the pyrénée ë n, in a chic Paris apartment, a mosque in London, in houses in the Hollywood Hills and on the beach of Venice. The various responses that she received, from various life visions-such as Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism-understanding in a wide variety of perspectives. Answers to the question As answered Bob Geldof do you believe that this life is everything, or do you believe in life after death? ” This is it. Thank God there is no life after death. ” and Sharon Stone says the following ” I believe in the Einstein theory about the tegelijkertjd time, that our lives take place. ” About 40 people per question with an answer. Some give in é n é meaning to how they think about it, others have half a page for need …Good and evil Specially for the Dutch edition there are contributions from among others Ad Visser, Kluun, Boris Dittrich and Theodor Holman in this book. And so gives Kluun when asked what is your moral directive, in relation to good and evil? following his book comes a woman at the doctor and the question you have no remorse about what you did? the enlightening answer ” no, I have no remorse about it. I’m even happy with my \ ‘ \ ‘ emotional recklessness by then … ” Inspiring this kind of honest and personal questions and answers is what Learning of life to a very inspirational book makes. And of course it is interesting to read what celebrities like David Lynch, Gore Vidal, Jools Holland, Lulu Wang, Sir David Frost and Sophia Loren has the answers to the questions What life you learned so far? or how you will find inner peace and peace?, but of course you can give yourself the same ten questions and having to think about the meaning of existence. Opinion I recommend you learn to take life on vacation and read for inspiration in the pyrénée ë n, Paris or Hollywood. Or on the beach of Callantsoog, on your balcony or in your own backyard. And then with a good glass of wine with friends agree about your answers to these pressing questions of life to speak …Image removed by editors Learn of life So ë Sallis 205 pages Publishing House: The house of Books ISBN: 90-443-1397-5 list price: 14,90 euro

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