Whats really … in Netherlands?

whats … now actually. in Netherlands? is politically subdivided into 19 chapters. The book begins with a general piece about Netherlands. This chapter explains the inhabitants of Netherlands, the landscape, the economy, the population structure, political system, the Royal family, the national anthem and the Dutch flag. This is followed by an interesting chapter with a brief overview of the history of the Netherlands. This is followed by an explanation of Dutch public holidays and events. All the usual holidays are discussed, but there is a closer look at for example Queen’s day and Saint Nicholas. In addition, a number of public holidays that are celebrated not anywhere in Netherlands (Lazybones and Sint Maarten). At the events, a number of large annual events described. Also the chapter with family events and family events is very useful if you’re just coming to live in Netherlands. How are birthdays celebrated in Netherlands, which is common when a child is born and what gift do you give if someone is getting married. We also describe what should happen when someone dies in Netherlands. The chapters that follow are not only useful for newcomers to Netherlands, but also for people who already live longer in Netherlands. How does health care in Netherlands, public transport, child care and education? What do Dutch people in their spare time, what are typical Dutch dishes, how is waste collected and how go Dutch in daily life with each other? Finally, is a list of important and well-known Dutch people and their achievements through the ages. In this review is also the listing they had during the election of the greatest Dutchman of all time.Whats really … in Netherlands? gives a good impression of the daily life in Netherlands. The book is not only useful for people who stay for a short time in Netherlands is the Dutch themselves, but also for useful PostScript about use and habits in Netherlands. Some descriptions are a bit old fashioned and in particular a younger generation will be less likely to recognize these unwritten rules.Kelly Quickly and Janke vatsa whats now actually … in Netherlands? 236 pages Publishing House: Becht Books ISBN: 90-230-1181 list price: 14,90 euro order Online! nosave whats really ... in Netherlands?  whats really ... in Netherlands? whats really …. in Netherlands?K. Sahu & j. van der

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