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the three protagonists; Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey and Rene Russo, who plays the wife of Walter Abrams, forms a separate combination. In the beginning they seem not very good fit together, but gradually the film links and connections ever clearer.Two for the Money, unlike what you expect given the topic, not a very fast film. Some sc è nes are even really slow. Still contributes to the charm of the movie. Actually it’s a very small story about humanity and human relationships. About disappointment and how fast you can tumble off of a pedestal. About addictions and what they do with people.

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A large part of this film shows or the fast world of gamblers and smooth sellers, but that doesn’t make the biggest impression. Most impress the various one-on-one sc è nes in which all three main characters show the uncertainties of their characters. McConaughey is impressive in its metamorphosis of has-been sportsman to extremely confident seller, Pacino is always good, and also in this role as Director/husband/father/addict he comes very well to its fullest. Rene Russo in the beginning makes little impression but grows throughout the film in her role and is on her own even responsible for a surprising end.

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The DVD comes in a beautiful matte metallic packaging, together with a second DVD with a few extra’s. and there are quite a few:-Liner Notes; a kind of accountability. The film is partly based on a true story. The Liner Notes also offer info on sports betting in America, writing, casting, and the recordings. -Trailer & Tv spot-Photo Gallery-Film Clips-Behind the scenes-Interviews; cast and crew This last part is the interesting, featuring interviews with the three main characters, two bijrolspelers, Director and writer. All in all a nice package; a good movie and lots of extra’s. absolutely nothing wrong with that!Two for the Money with Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey, Rene Russo. Time: 173 minutes (2 DVD’s) list price: 25.99 Euros Advice age: 12 years order Online! Two for the Money DVD nosave

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