Fun with dick and jane

Fun with Dick and Jane is a romantic comedy with Jim Carrey (Dick) and T é a Leoni (Jane) as married couple in the lead role. It seems all the Harpers for the wind to go. Dick has just promoted and Jane decision therefore her job. Her husband gets paid more, then why continue to work if you just unhappy of being? They have everything their heart desires: a big house, sweet little boy, good income and all the luxuries that they desire. In short: a perfect life.

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To the disaster strikes. Dick loses his job, while Jane just has resigned. There is but one thing é é on: fast find work and continue life, as they do for years. Dick is confident he will find a job soon, but months later he’s still at home. They are fully to the ground. They try all kinds of ways to get money. So Jane sells her body to science and ends Dick’s short carri è re as agricultural labourer with a deportation to Mexico. They’re desperate. They have nothing more. Even their just landscaped lawn is seized.

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There is only é é n option to quickly to get money. The Harper family saves the criminal way in. Armed with his son’s water gun they commit several armed robberies. And it is getting better. They are also becoming more creative in. They wear different hilarious costumes and come up with more exciting methods. So they deserve a very capital back and all luxury returns again. Everyone happy … Beautiful lock, I still think, but the movie just goes by. And in what manner. I’m going to tell you, because it must be the lock not yet finally remain a little exciting for those who have not seen this movie yet. Itself I thought it was a surprising end. Since I had really never stood still, but whether it is in reality … that I wonder.

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This DVD also contains a lot of extra’s. So you can enjoy the bloopers, highlights of the persjunket, audio commentary from the creators of the film, deleted è nes sc and a lot of trainers. You are out there for a while. I myself have laughed to the highlights of the persjunket. The wacky couple Jim Carrey and T é a Leoni come according to me in those images still better than in the film.Fun with Dick and Jane is a fun movie, but é é n for one evening that you brainless wants to look. I found him every now and then a little wordy, but fortunately there were also plenty of hilarious moments between, leaving me there again feeling got. In short a movie with peaks and valleys, but entertaining and sometimes even a tad surprising.Image removed by redactieFun with Dick and Jane with Jim Carrey and Leoni é a T time: 86 minutes list price: 23.99 euro Advice age: all ages order Online! nosave Fun with dick and jane  Fun with dick and jane

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