Googlet and ye shall find!

after a short introduction about the origins of Google follows a general chapter (you) about searching with Google and other search engines. Not much news on the horizon. It’s not until the second chapter (20 advanced search tips) I start to gloat and trying things out on my laptop. Googling is so bad! That you can find on Google images, knows almost everyone. But did you know that you can find maps of places and that the departure times of all next trains very easy to ‘ googling ‘ are? Tap but once in: amsterdam utrecht (for example). And voil à, there is the departure time of the next train on that route. When typing the city name Wijk bij Duurstede appears as the first search result map.And you knew this already?Count: for example, type in (14 + 2) * 9 in the search box, and you get instant to see the outcome.Convert units: do you want to know how hot 90 degrees fahrenheit here in the Netherlands? Then type in: 90 fahrenheit to celsius. The same can be done with feet to inches or kilograms to stone. Jokers bets: it looks like a tv game. When you deploy google also jokers. For example, a proverb no longer quite sure, then just swap the uncertain Word just carry a *. For example: the best * are on shore. AHA, that was so navigators. definitions search: also useful. Type define: and then the word that you want to know, for example, define: woman. You should go look at how we define yourself!  Googlet and ye shall find! there in the Notebook also tips about searching for documents, finding secret information (tick but once in: intitle: ” curriculum vitae ” ” social security number ” ext: pdf) and downloading MP3s and movies from others.

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Multifunctional Also other Google services like Picasa, Google Desktop Search, Gmail and Google Earth are discussed. All the possibilities of the Google Empire are described, to the Google store to it. Here can be real Google-addicts t-shirts, sweaters and order cycling outfits. And are you curious about what Google is planning even more? Then take a look at to find, here are all projects that are still in the so-called beta (development phase) are. The booklet is a great paean to the world’s most popular search engine, and that goes in the long term a little bit irritating, because you feel a really long to read advertising directory. But fair is fair, using this booklet also become my favorite search engine is Google. Never thought I could learn so much from such a small book. Google Notebook is an indispensable attribute for anyone who does more than just chat with internet and email. The price should not to let in any case! Image removed by redactieGonny van der Zwaag Notebook Google 128 pages Publisher: Pearson Education Benelux ISBN: 90-430-1260-2 list price: 5,95 euro order Online! Googlet nosave and ye shall find!  Googlet and ye shall find!

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