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The method by which they themselves, she climbed out of her deep valley \ ‘ \ ‘ called The Work. Byron Katie teaches you deal with thoughts, so that your problems with a clear mind and inner peace to body can go. Problems do not cause pain. It is the way that you think that the suffering caused. On the cover of her new book I read that Byron Katie many sides. \ ‘ She is a wise woman, a girlfriend and a warm and attentive interlocutor with a clear mind. The Work she does everywhere \ ‘ \ ‘ and they comes both in chic hotels as well as in prisons. Loneliness, disappointment, abuse, the death of a child, violence, lost love, lack of money and grief, everything makes them in her workshops by very close with it. \ ‘ all sounds interesting, but what about that book. According to Katie is the Tao te ching an endless source of inspiration. What it means to me, I still have to discover. Before I start reading I have no idea what the Tao te Ching \ ‘ actually is, but the cover ensures that I still have an idea what it’s about. Happy. The Tao te Ching is written by Lao Tzu around 500 BC. You can translate freely as \ ‘ the book of the way of life and how that manifests itself in the world’s. In 81 chapters is the tao or \ ‘ \ ‘ described the road. How people act when they think about death, for example, or love? Byron Katie let her go thought about the book that her husband Stephen Mitchell has translated. Each chapter begins with a quote, writes Byron Katie to her story. A bright piece in which she explains the quote ë and on the basis of its ide and experiences. I find this an interesting book, but occasionally I understand nothing of her words. Maybe I had first read her other books. I had to myself than also through this book wrestling, but despite that struggle I found it a very interesting and inspirational book. But before I’m going to do something with it, I first read her other books. Image removed by Katie redactieByron Katie and Stephen Mitchell’s Tao do nothing, leaves nothing undone 267 pages Publishing House: Forum/The Library ISBN: 90-225-4428-1 list price: 21,90 euros order Online! Katie nosave & # 039; s Tao  Katie & # 039; s Tao Katie’s

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