United 93

four young terrorists are, the day before september 11, spiritually preparing for hijacking of United Flight 93. Meanwhile, to see the hustle and bustle in the air verkeerstorens around the city of New York. It seems like a regular day, but nothing could be further from the truth. If the air traffic controllers lose contact with two aircraft, they suspect that this both are hijacked. Their suspicions are confirmed when a foreign voice says that they have taken over the aircraft. All necessary stakeholders, including the air force, be warned but it is too late. The two hijacked planes flying short after too many towers of the WTC in. The third plane that air traffic controllers lose the Pentagon has now reached. Plays a central role the fourth plane, United 93, which right after these three aircraft is taken off. The four terrorists wait the right time to take over the plane. This moment long in coming. The nerves of these young men are clearly visible, they have to sacrifice their own lives. The situation, however, they seem not to have under control. If the plane in their hands are soon error. By the uncertainty and the wrong timing of the terrorists, to overpower the passengers know these men. The are ultimately the passengers who have to sacrifice their lives.Image removed by redactieUnited 93 gives the heavy events of 90 minutes real time. The film was made in collaboration with the families of the killed passengers and using the conversations that the passengers from the plane via mobile phone claimed. The Director has nageschetst the events as accurately as possible and that’s him successful. It looks like you’re in the middle of it all is, especially because the images of the WTC have been processed. In addition there is used handheld camera’s making it happens to otherwise. The major drawback is that the images very messy and restless are making you sick in the first ten minutes you chair. Despite the nasty way of filming is the story very well, and you can empathize with the anxiety of the passengers. It may sound weird but I even had no lack of empathy when it came to the terrorists, who were very afraid to take over the aircraft. You can also feel their fear and you have almost felt sorry for them that they do not succeed. The most anxious is perhaps the idea that the u.s. aviation authority was not prepared for and the situation could get out of control. United 93, a film to get goosebumps.Image removed by David Alan Basche, Liza redactieUnited 93 with Col ó n-Zayas and April Telek Director: Paul Greengrass time: 111 minutes Advice age: 12 years from June 29 in the cinema

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