The secret of Cheops

In the secret of Cheops is a quest described to a mysterious golden triangle that thousand years world domination can give to the one who carried out a secret ritual. But this triangle is broken into seven pieces and these are hiding in the seven wonders of the world. And not just find. For years, the secret of Cheops remained well hidden but now the first indications appeared there seems to be an end to that time to come. A team of experts from the United States have provided on the golden triangle. Unfortunately for them they are not the only one who want to claim the world power with the pieces. Also a link to the main European countries with the Vatican and put everything to claim dominion over the world. To stop these superpowers, there is another team consisting of members from several countries under the leadership of Jack West. It would be Jack and his people succeed the great powers to stop before it is too late? The puzzle tour to the seven wonders of the world and the missing pieces of the golden triangle delivers a chilling story on where you swallowed from the first page. Searching for the various wonders of the world is exciting and you surprise you by the ingenious found pitfalls by the hair-raising gardens of Babylon and other wonders of the world. The book has few moments of weakness, just by all the violence it prevents you a little dulled and this not for voltage but more for habituation. Nevertheless, the secret of Cheops a real page turner you can lay off with difficulty. Image removed by redactieMatthew Reilly the secret of Cheops 304 pages Publishing House: AW Bruna ISBN: 90-229-9140-7 list price: 17,50 euro order Online! the secret of Cheops  the secret of Cheops

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