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Jasmine is one of the favorite scents of top designer Marc Jacobs and it shows in Blush Intense. In the already existing Womens fragrance Blush stood in the spotlight, but already the jasmine in Blush Intense comes this fragrant flower even more forward. The result is an intense, sensual fragrance.

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Blush Intense is now available starting from 75.00 euro. In my younger years I was fond of the sweet smells of JOOP! Some years back is his daughter Jette Joop in his footsteps entered into force. And once again, this night smell that sweet, sultry. A delicious enticing scent for a night out. The bottle is inspired by a disco ball. This fragrance will again long to my favorites include!

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The Jette By Night Eau de Parfum is from the end of August for sale starting from 27.50 euro. If you have a little world star are é é of course, you bring more than n fragrance line on the market must have thought Jennifer Lopez. Inspired by everything that has to do with the ultimate in luxury and glamour it brings Live luxury, a fruity, floral fragrance packaged in a colorful bottle and a box full of glitter. A delicious, fresh scent, but I myself had him what sultrier expected at a latino as La Lopez.

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Live Luxury Eau de Parfum is from early september for sale starting from 32.50 euro. Lancaster Aquasenses is not just a smell. It is a fragrance and grooming in é é n. unique to the Aquasenses smell is that it contains the patented RPF Complex Lancaster what goes against premature skin ageing. The first real anti-aging smell so! It refreshes, revitalizes and nourishes the skin.

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Lancaster Fragance Aquasenses Skin Care Eau de Toilette is available now starting from 41.00 euros.

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