The fifth Sarcophagus

The exciting developments run badly for Axel and he loses the sarcophagus to the Church of scientology. The leader of this church-in-advance is out on a power the whole African continent and has the brains to produce a clone of Tutankhamun. He wants to use it to the Church of scientology on the map. Axel tries at all costs what love him is to prevent this abuse of power, but it seems like a run game. He enlists the help of old friends, make new friends, meet new love and experience exciting adventures with them. Although the title suggests otherwise, is the star in this story of the most powerful men of the Church of scientology and the great power acquisition that they want to achieve. One of the means to achieve this is the cloning of Tutankhamun, but that story line runs not between all the exciting events with a fizzle. The term Literary thriller that publishing house is probably what gives this book AW Bruna to ambitious. The fifth Sarcophagus is, however, an exciting adventure book that brings you around the world: Peru and Italy’s ë to Africa and the United States. The Church of scientology is not the best depicted. Hollywood stars that enthuse about this \ ‘ faith \ ‘ are no more than puppets who are trapped in the web of people drunk with the power which is at the head of this organization. Eat your heart out, Tom Cruise and Richard Gere Rhine trying with this book in … to play on the hype surrounding the Da Vinci Code. Art, history, and faith in a book seem nowadays the recipe for a blockbuster. A tip for thriller writer: never leave on the cover \ ‘ for fans of the Da Vinci Code \ ‘, as Michel van Rijn did. Firstly, does that affect your own story, secondly it wrong expectations. The fifth Sarcophagus can not measuring up to the world famous book by Dan Brown, although it is written quite entertaining and I wanted to read the last page. Salient detail is that author Michel van Rijn not only exciting thrillers can write, but for many years has been art smuggler. He grew into one of the most wanted persons in the art world, ran over and made a deal with Scotland Yard. Since then, he’s one of the best known researchers in the world to illegal art trade and author of thrillers about this field.Image removed by Rhine redactieMichel the fifth Sarcophagus 336 pages Publisher: AW Bruna ISBN: 90-229-899-25 list price: 19,90 euro

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