The adventures of a beautiful mama

there will be a bright spot in her life when she meets with Alice, a beautiful mother or in her own words a MILF (a Mother I’d Like to Fuck). Although Alice has a son the same age as Amy’s daughter Evie, their lives are miles apart. Alice is handsome, Brown, slim, has flair and carries the most beautiful designer clothes. The two women conclude a Covenant and Alice helps Amy at a total makeover. Of painful turns and botoxspuiten resin to sensual pilates lessons from a private teacher, é nothing remains Amy saves. But whether the beneficial pretty mummy is also really happy?The fortunes of a pretty mummy is delicious costs for all women who have stood in the shoes of yourself Amy. Who did not hesitate when she looked in the mirror again after childbirth, after weeks of sleepless nights? Author and journalist Polly Williams know with this humorous novel to hit the right note, without over-the-top to be. Amy is really, honestly, uncertain, hysterical, sweet and clumsily, like almost all new mothers on this world. For the beautiful mothers as Alice, this book may be less suitable. That sipping a glass of champagne while their nanny to prefer an extra button with the stroller through the park drive redactiePolly Williams … Image removed by the fortunes of a pretty Mummy 318 pages Sijthoff publishing house ISBN 90-245-5529-9 list price: 16, 95 euro order Online! nosave the fortunes of a pretty mummy  the adventures of a beautiful mama the fortunes of a beautiful

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