Sound Shifting Mixed by Paul Hadden

Once we stopped dj’s in a box, but that time has long since passed. The new generation does again and again what else. They do what they feel like it. E é n of those dj’s is Paul Hadden. The young dj has already done a lot and he goes on and on. He has five labels and in addition, he also still time to make a cd. I’m curious! After a night out, I choose for his new album. Paul Hadden may me during this one and a half hour ride home keep awake with his beats. And he does well. When I have listened to the first song, I know for sure: this album go I listen more often. This is pure enjoyment: 75 minutes funky, techy house music. I would prefer to now dancing, but I have to stay focused on the road. The songs on this cd tell me very little, but that does not matter. As far as I am concerned, this dj has really super plates chosen. The numbers vari ë ren terribly out of style. Deep, Tech House, funky, danceable, techno-Paul Hadden has merged into a smooth whole. The momentum remains good in and the cd keeps 75 minutes long tasty! For many, é n é of the Paul Hadden probably many dj’s that Netherlands is rich, but as far as I’m concerned he may really be labeled as é é of the biggest dj talents of this time. He deserves a higher status and that he leaves with this album certainly hear! This is really recommended!Tracklist: 01. Eriko Tanabe-Smell Of Crash 02. Philip Bader-Perry Rhodan 03. Gabriel Ananda-Bassmaschinchen 04. Oliver Hacke-Fair Rance’s Mid Atlantic Solutions 05. Muko Sapphire-Stuck In The Middle 06. Murray Richardson-Let It Rock 07. Hadden & Pico-Status Mode 08. Gaetano Parisio-Chapter 10 09. Style Rockets-trickster 10. Gideon-Basic Principles (Huggotron remix) 11. Dave Ellesmere-standing In Line 12. Valentino Kanzyani-iPray 13. Model8 lemon8-14. Huggotron-Breath 15. Edo van Asseldonk-Heroes (Jeff Bennett remix) 16. Rejected-Dec Trec 17. Petter-Robot food Image removed by editors Sound Shifting mixed by Paul Hadden running time: 75 minutes and 52 seconds tag: Manual Music list price: € 99www

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