The Pet Series

curious that I look at the cd that I have just been given. What is this now? I browse it all through and come cdboekje funny photo’s of bunnies against. Nice to just by browsing, but not really so I get a picture of what I can now expect from the album. I expect the worst and turn my volume button a few teething softer. As the first sound tones out of my boxes I have been pleasantly surprised. I hear no bunnies jump through the grass or play in their cage. No, I hear a nice quiet song. And so it goes through the whole album. I enjoy the intimate songs. Go all in on. This really is the perfect cd to relax if it all here against it. \ ‘ The Pet Series \ ‘ is set up in 2002 by Sally Forth Records for artists who joined them sign up with good demo’s, but where there is no place for was. Folklore evenings has taken over the baton in 2003. They changed the design a bit. To increase the attention there were now also unreleased songs by artists on the albums added. This development is on the fifth collector good to hear. This album sound very adult. Only I find it disturbing that the second song on this album is in Dutch while the rest is sung in English. \ ‘ \ ‘ Not over yet by Safe home, I find myself a great song, but I’m more had on the end of the cd inserted. Now it looks like just a little between this number is attached. Further close the numbers well. Tracklist 1. 27-half life 2. safe home-not over 3. a red season shade-fire harbor day (remix by swiss transport) 4. audiotransparent-underwater 5. Solo-i have heard this before 6. ponoka-september 7. Anderson-mr & mrs benson 8. lunar module-isn’t it enough 9. TrackStar-slow us down 10. the city beautiful-if this isn’t real 11. marching band-vote 12. munk-
Image removed by editors in your rooms The Pet Series Volume 5 running time: 49 minutes and 2 seconds tag: whole grain list price: 17.99

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