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This is a book for all women who are still eighteen feel but it’s been a while no more. They are still in the middle of life, want to follow all the trends, but notice that modern life just a little too fast. Which can be quite a painful sensation for the baby boom generation that thought to remain forever young. It was only yesterday that you went out of your roof at Abba and 10CC, and that your hair still sat like that of Charlie’s Angels. And see well today again … But the attack is still the best defense. Therefore, in this book with a lot of humor and self-mockery grumbling on everything and everyone. And that air incredible on.A little girl has no age, is the title of the English version of the successful BBC series \ ‘ \ ‘ Grumpy old women that now also in book form is published … At first I thought, nice; humor and self-mockery, I am always for it. The first page’s I read with a smile. But soon I became somewhat ge ï rriteerd (might be grumpy) because it is for my feeling, founded solely on the conservative women who are not in the middle of life. I have the book when but just to play. Frankly, I know no one in my area that fits in the picture of the women outlined in this book. Fortunately! Curious as I am, I finally picked up the book again, my upstairs room emptied and taken a deep breath. Fortunately, there were also really nice passages between to sit where I even had to laugh aloud. With horror I figured that I’m probably still more conservative than I thought. And since I too am not wars of self-mockery, I had to laugh again. Because of this I’m not by a little girl has no age having to struggle back but a lot of fun with this exquisite. The self image, business, children, animals, shopping, carri è res, parties, holidays and religion pass in review. All this from the point of view of the specimen described by é é n type female, equipped with typical English humour. Luckily I managed to qualify it in such a way, that I type woman in this book can be seen as if I were on a terrace, with a delicious chilled glass of dry white wine, and can view and criticize her at a safe distance. I can say with confidence that I don’t belong to this target group. For the time being, I am still not ‘ Grumpy old woman ‘. a little girl ... Judith Holder a little girl has no age 186 pages Publishing House: A.W. Bruna ISBN: 90-229-569-54 list price: 14,95 euro order Online! nosave a little girl ...  a little girl ... a little girl has no leeftijdJ. Holder

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