World history in video: Echnaton & Nefertiti

Echnaton and Nefertiti, world history in focus, takes you on a journey back in time. To about 1350 v ó r ó Christ. Where the ancient Egyptians worshipped multiple gods used to be was there thanks to the reign of Pharaoh é é however, only n god worshipped. This god was ate. The worship had many consequences for the country and the rest for the history of ancient Egypt. However, he and his wife Nefertiti Pharaoh decided even that Thebes-the capital of the ancient Egyptian Empire-not capital was worthy and a capital to found elsewhere. In Akhenaten as the name ushered in by the new capital they could worship their god, optimally. Other gods worship was out of the question. Do you find this above already boring sounding and have you been almost in a deep sleep on the right-hand? You must then consider what triggers the actual DVD series. With a great deal of trouble I have looked to the three parts. Boring men who in the monotonous German tell about the rich history of the beautiful country and not captivating drama played by the actors in between. I think it is definitely not recommended. Image removed by editorial part 1: the Sun as only witness part 2: the curse of Amarna part 3: the mummies of the world history in kettersEchnaton and Nefertiti, picture Time: 90 minutes list price: 9, 99 euro Advice age: 6 years and over

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