Number Twenty

Number Twenty is the latest novel by the author of the dollar Princess who appeared in 2004. In this book she called through the internet people on to high to pay accounts of Gucci and Prada é n she did successfully. A sensational debut for the American successful producer of talk shows. The latest book by Karyn Bosnak cannot but hilarious are, I decide before I é n é letter have read. The cover is so much fun, that I still get more sense to read. Armed with a large bottle of water and a towel, I find a quiet spot to Number Twenty sea. That is tricky in this weather, but all those people can me don’t care. From the first pages, I disappear in a dream world. I move me in the life of Delilah Darling. I understand her at all. On average, every woman in her life 10.5 bed partners. If Delilah reading this, scares them. Her counter is already on 19. If she continues, where does them on her 60th? They can do nothing more with the true to go to bed. Number twenty is her last. At least that she thought before they ended up in bed with the man who had fired her the day before. Her ex-boss Roger can the true are not. Startled she returns home, but when they come along a church during her ride, she takes a look there first. She confesses everything to the pastor. He turns out to be an old acquaintance. This pastor was the second boy with whom she was sleeping. After this visit she arrives that they all twenty men with whom they slept, it must track down. E é n of them must be the true are? Of the twenty who it will be or is it yet its Irish guy next door? The handsome bartender who dreams of a future as an actor. He is the one who helps her on her quest. He is looking for all information of the men with whom she has slept. Delilah hires a car and goes on research from m é t as showing a hilarious quest. Of course é é n of her boyfriends gay now and there are a number of happily married, but there’s a lot more. The denouement of this book I will not tell you, for that I had also not at all expected. It’s really quite surprising, as different passages in this book. How come they are on, I have some once thought. Number twenty reads very pleasant, so I totally didn’t notice that the hours had passed. Really an ideal holiday book, because you can really relax on your holiday address with this book.Image removed by redactieKaryn Bosnak Number Twenty 365 pages: Sijthoff publishing house ISBN: 90-245-5491-8 list price: 16.95 euro order Online! Number twenty Number

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