Sea of desire

Jojo Moyes

from the first minute captivates me. She tells in her introduction that inspired this book ge ï is on the trip of 655 Australian war brides, who with the aircraft carrier HMS Victorious on 12 July 1946 to a trip started to their British spouses. Jojo Moyes’s grandmother was é é one of those ladies who spent nearly six weeks on the ship. Moyes has the story fabricated, but carries the book to her grandmother and to all those other brides who were so brave that they believed in an unknown future on the other side of the world. Moyes hits me now though, while I was only é é n page have read. Fanatic I read further and forget the world around me. The book begins with an image of the English Jennifer showing off her Granny on world tour is. When they arrive at the infamous in India the sultry beaches where end-of-life ships are dismantled, breaks her grandmother. Jennifer has no idea why, until her grandmother the story begins to tell. It has long ago made a trip with ë é é n of the ships from Australia to England. Sea of desire tells the story of four women who share a hut with one another aboard the Victoria. Maggie, Avice, Jane and Frances are all four completely different types. That makes the story so interesting. We follow their thoughts, feelings and the mutual link in the story. Maggie grew up in a large family. She is to her grief & everyone leaves behind and sets off to England. The trip is for her extra heavy because she is pregnant. The are hard times, but they drag there by sight. Maggie has secretly smuggled along the ship on her doggy. Then there’s the arrogant Avice daughter of an industrialist. She comes from a rich but oppressive environment. Travel with an aircraft carrier is way to low for her. It takes a while for them over the scare is over. They must also get used to her roommates such. The sixteen-year-old Jean é é is one of the youngest on the ship. She is vulgar and coarse in the mouth. The temptations of the large group of men on the ship can withstand them difficult. Contact between the Navy officers and war brides is strictly prohibited and has the necessary consequences. Frances is the most intriguing person we encounter in this story. In the war, she was a nurse. Now she feels responsible for her hutgenoten. To reach all the gossip about her past passengers. She seems to be a calm girl, but who is Frances anyway?Sea of desire me is really a topper. I could lay up the book with difficulty, because I wanted to know how it would go with the girls. Moyes has, ge ï inspired by the life story of her grandmother, a beautiful novel. It’s so \ ‘ n great beautiful, but also moving story. Very good value for money.Image removed by editors Jojo Moyes sea of desire 432 pages Publishing House: the core ISBN: 90-325-1053-3 list price: 17,50 euro

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