Down-to-earth country for the enthusiast and the layman

With the first issue The long way around popping the Chicks right away full of conviction from your stereo. Accompanied by cheerful lay countryklanken the ladies through pure, spicy vocals out why their CD Taking the long way is called: \ ‘ My friends from high school/Married their high school boyfriends/Moved into houses/In the same ZIP codes where their parents live/But I/I could never follow/Maybe someday, someday I’m gonna settle down/But I’ve always found my way somehow/By takin \ ‘ the long way around. \ ” This is the tone of the rest of the album put: the Chicks are country but especially kr í tisch and they choose rather not the easiest way. Rather, they were the talk of the town when Natalie Maines made comments on the policies of president Bush. Dixie-boycotts and even death threats were the result. The girls sing their frustrations about this experience of place in the vitriolic Not ready to make nice: \ ‘ And how in the world can the words that I said/Send somebody so over the edge/That they’d write me a letter/S \ \ ‘ that I better shut up and sing/Or my life will be over/I’m not ready to make nice. \ ‘ the girls are apparently not just the singing mouth said! Despite the spicy texts is the sound of most songs fairly friendly. Songs like Everybody knows, Silent house, Favorite year and Voice inside my head glide with the help of enthusiastic guitars and violins without much further ADO from the boxes. Tracks with a head and a tail, which you as a listener easy digests. The CD also contains a number of ballads, in which the Chicks show their more sensitive and romantic side, as in Easy silence of Lullaby: \ ‘ How long do you want to be loved/Is forever enough, \ ’cause I’m never never/Givin \ ‘ you up. \ ‘ close the ladies Eventually their long way around with the incredibly relaxed, almost soul like I hope. A nice number to the fourteen tracks counting album exit. The songs on Taking the long way, whereby the listener whispers quietly not for surprises. But precisely therein lies the great downside of the album: it lacks this plate to variation. Fourteen songs are the three ladies accompanied by guitars, violins and drums. The biggest difference is made by the alternation between ballad and up-tempo, but that distinction is minimal. I was desperate after a number or eight to a piano, saxophone or even a complete Orchestra. As long as the cheerful violins and guitars but h é l é were put in the refrigerator for a while. Despite that I am ultimately t ó ch positive about Taking the long way, because it is a CD that is both accessible to the countryliefhebber as the countryleek. The country that the Dixie Chicks make is \ ‘ \ ‘ mainstream enough to also the listeners who have less with this genre on taste. At most, it is possible that the countryleek (like me) has enough of something faster than the countryfanaat. But for the loyal fans of the Chicks is likely old fashioned enjoy blown. The singers themselves, who composed all the songs with his own hand, are at least satisfied: \ ‘ This album was a total therapy, I’m way more at peace now \ ‘, according to Natalie Maines. Now let’s hope that the impact countrygirls this also at their listeners may bring about!Dixie Chicks Taking the long way running time: 1 hour and 6 minutes Label: Sony BMG Music list price: 19.99 euro order Online! nosave Down-to-earth country for the enthusiast and the layman  Down-to-earth country for the enthusiast and the layman

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