Godfather of Soul in Ahoy

from 20: 00 started the band Patrick Watson for program with. We arrived just after eight inside and having this band not much inherited. At 20: 30 came the public really loose with Pete Philly and Perquisite. This Super musical talented gentlemen actually deserve its own report. Funk and hip-hop with two capital letters! Pete Philly and Perquisite won the Silver Harp and also Los Angeles in addition to Rotterdam, Berlin and Barcelona unsafe with their hip hop mixed with jazz. Particular sound what you not stand still let alone. With people who still stand still makes Pete Philly an appointment. é é N ó on live it up, everyone else is number m et he not satisfied. Mr. Philly turns out to be a pure entertainer and stage beast and hip hop mixed with the cello, saxophone and bass also leaves the older Brown-fan not untouched. Anyway, the audience is very mixed. By Anita, Hippie, Soul frog and walking frames to R & B Hama and Alto’s … it proves all the more how important the influence of James Brown has been on music in General.

for Pete Philly and Perquisite

Mr. Brown found himself and his influence itself also very important, because after the support act no less than half an hour we wait on the star of the evening. Does he make sure entrance! An announcement of at least twenty minutes follows and first of all is his band suggested. Eleven (as I have counted, but somewhere else I hear sometimes eighteen!) band members enter the stage in blue suit and accompany with funky tunes Mr. Dynamite to the microphone. The elderly king of soul still has his moves, something perhaps more cautious but still he makes the audience crazy with his microphone move. (he pulls the microphone to the standard with a zwieper to itself to the thread) James Brown is being accompanied by four hefty but shapely women with dikes of votes. It’s a man world is sung along with a beautiful red-haired woman that comes pretty close of Janis Joplin in terms of sound. A younger soul singer is Mr. Brown also occasionally when with his strong soul voice. Despite a half-empty Ahoy is the atmosphere there in front in any case good at it and is sung by young and old and lots of dancing, and laughed. Because the unintelligible murmuring between the songs Mr. Brown’s works sometimes on your smile muscles. A girl from the audience was taken off if some groovy moves Exchange with James Brown what resulted in applause and jeers. In advance I made jokes about a rusted Saddam, but I take my words back. The song Like a Saddam seems to last half an hour and is really spectacle. Where the guy gets the energy is an Enigma, but James Brown is actually more than an empty concert hall.

would actually James Brown one of the main acts (along with Live) are on the festival Ahoy Open Air, but this festival was later cancelled due to disappointing sales (Orange fever, wrong line up, who will tell) Nevertheless, it was a good evening for the fans, because Mr. Brown certainly gave all he had. After the main Act Kraak & Smaak turned still tasty soul images for the nablijvers and there was around midnight another afterparty with dj’s Soulclap. This made the lack of the famed cape-act of Mr. Brown (he faints and gets a silver cape around him) or an encore quite a bit good.

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