Nacho Libre

Jack Black in Nacho Libre plays a monk with but é é n dream: wrestling. In the monastery, where he grew up, he takes care of the food for the orphans but he does not have the correct ingredients ë patients to give them a good meal. He realizes that he must come up with a plan to better feed the young orphans. He gives gearing up for wrestling matches and goes along with his partner, Esqueleto (skeleton) to the fight in the ring. He also attempts to impress the beautiful nun, ó n. Encarnaci soon it turns out that Nacho has a talent for wrestling and he becomes a crowd favourite. Of the money he deserves he can the orphans finally got some other than home cooked stew. As a monk, however, it is forbidden to use this \ ‘ \ ‘ Sin and Nacho leads a double life. During the struggle he is disguised and he hopes to hide his identity. Nacho is an exciting fight to fight against the greatest wrestler ever. Unfortunately he is second, gives the struggling on and goes back to the monastery. If they find out there in the monastery and he still gets a chance to make a Nacho wrestling will have to make a choice.

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Nacho Libre is a movie where you feel like it should have. Many will regard him as bland and not see the humor. As I Jack Black always can appreciate, he has this time also to my expectations met. Nothing is too crazy and are skipping, vocals but especially the facial expressions in his face make sure you Nacho close in your arms. Jack Black has already taken on many separate roles and this is him like a glove, he may like no other. In addition to these eccentric actor come there not many well-known names in the film. Nacho Libre is filled with what standard, but essential characters. Of course, there is also room for a small romance with the beautiful, shy nun, you all the time is reminiscent of é Pen lope Cruz. The fine of the film is that you can complete yourself here and there and you can understand the humor without too many words. To be able to appreciate the movie in its entirety you should be over a certain limit of blandness can walk, otherwise it will be nothing.Nacho Libre with Jack Black, Ana de la Reguera and H ctor Jim nez é é Director: Jared Hess time: 100 minutes

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