Your personality in one booklet?

the subtitle of the book is: \ ‘ dozens of proven ways to get insight into your personality and help you succeed in business and relationships. \ ‘ that sounds good, you might say. So let us begin. The personality you can according to writer Claire know Gordon on the basis of four parts. A man has internal features and external characteristics. In addition, do you have an internal type, but also an external type. The chapters of the book are divided into these four categories ë n. internal features are separate personality traits that a person possesses to a greater or lesser extent: you can describe someone as \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘, dominant warm or if \ ‘ sensitive \ ‘ etc. In the first part of the book, these central properties. By the reader to submit three choices, a property defined. The choice between sunflowers, roses and finely shaped leaves here for example translated to the properties respectively are seriously keen, equanimity and life. The second part concerns external characteristics: these are properties that are especially important in any social environment. Short, quick multiple choice questions form the tests on which you can base or are you socially confident or empathetic, or you are and whether you can properly modest public speaking. Internal types say something about the different \ ‘ \ ‘ personalities that a person possesses. You can to a certain extent a reformer, or a mentor or a (secondary) romantic. Also a combination of these types is possible. Should provide short, easy tests for clearing again as for your internal type. The last part of the book what kind of personality do you have? Describes several external types. Are you a coordinator and primary Coordinator and a secondary co ö co ö, or a specialist? And what about team work: here, too, there are three types of people define ë ren. So the fourth part discusses more different external types. \ ‘ Dozens of proven ways to get insight into your personality. \ ‘: here again the subtitle. It sounds very clever and interesting: z ó many different ways to know yourself and they are also proven yet! But after reading the book I’m not much wiser: the extent to which you seriously, high-spirited or equanimous are, is, in my opinion, namely not to distract to the choice for a flower. Three short multiple-choice questions in my opinion can not be translated to the extent to which you are a performer or co ö Coordinator. I now know that I am empathetic, emotionally stable and that I trust in my fellow man é n that I am straight forward. Nothing new under the Sun so. Claire Gordon wanted to cram too much into é é n book, making them a little bit about h é l é much has be able to tell. The result of the wads of dozens of easy testing in é é é n é n book results in large personality quiz summer editions of Yes or à la Viva. It’s kind of funny, but not really informative. The scientific substantiation of different tests is a nice extra. I have so not really much of taught myself through this book by Claire Gordon. If you do not understand yourself, the crack might be a must: it could be that you little bit more insight into your personality. On the other hand, the next time I’ll probably cease to amaze a while…Claire Gordon what kind of personality do you have? 157 pages Publisher: Elmar list price: 17, 50 euro

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