Fallen Angel

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after his death the estate near the Irish Skibbereen bequeathed to Lydia, who after her husband’s death and the departure of her daughter spends her days with gardening and giving guided tours to curious tourists. One day she runs in the garden into the mysterious young Adam. This Adam is emerging as a lifesaver as Lydia gets hurt after a nasty fall. the only thing that Lydia by Adam know is that he comes from England and is working on a local fishing boat. After she read an article in a magazine about her daughter, asks Lydia to Adam to look for her daughter Grace that she has seen for the last twenty-five years ago. Grace now works as a teacher and lives with her teenage daughter Amelia in Dublin. By car from Lydia plus a lot of money leaves Adam in the direction of the Irish capital. At the same time the local police of Skibbereen begins a search for Mary Grimes, mother of two children, who disappeared without trace is. This mysterious disappearance, the horrifying truth behind the alienation between mother and daughter and the motives that Adam has to help Lydia are slowly clear and end up in a heart-stopping climax. From start to finish, I was fascinated by this exciting story. By the intriguing writing style of the author is little by little clear how the characters are interconnected and why they make or have made certain choices. This book is definitely a must for anyone who still are looking for an exciting book, for example, take them to a nice holiday destination!

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The author of the book, Julie Parsons, is born in New Zealand and now lives in Ireland. She already has several highly recommended thrillers to her name. She established her reputation as a literary thriller author with crime novels as \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ and the last sentence nemesis \ ‘.

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Julie Parsons fallen angel 320 pages Publishing House: The House of Books ISBN: 90-443-1473-4 list price: 16,90 euro

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