The magic of shopping

the magic of shopping is written in a special way. Author Underhill goes with your shopping and literally takes you to a random (existing) American shopping mall. In each chapter is a different topic, such as the architecture of a building, the accessibility, the decor and layout of the Centre and the kinds of shops. Also the Interior of the stores, from showcase to the preparation of the products, is discussed in detail. Underhill has a clear view how a shopping mall should be together. That’s because he also has years of experience in addition to writer advising shopping centers all over the world. The book reads get away, there are many familiar situations in where you’re on a business way makes knowledge (where is the toilet, what do I do with my husband and where do I put my groceries?). The thrust is very American and I can not put the finger on exactly why this is so different from European shopping centres. Perhaps the mass or the hugely important place occupies that shopping centres for these people. For many American is the local shopping mall d é way of entertainment and we see sober Hamilton a shopping center especially if place for a cozy afternoon of shopping. We have many more opportunities within a short distance, as full as everything here is built on each other…The magic of shopping is well written, informative and reads get away. I do wonder for what target group it is written. As an experienced Shopster do I want to ë my wallpaper all commercial outdoor shopping center le be held. For the business people who are planning their money in a new build project to cross, I think it is written too popular. In short, I think you as a small independent or retailer get a good picture of the do’s and don ‘ ts \ a tackle shop and gain useful idea ë n. Image removed by The magic of shopping redactiePaco Underhill 237 pages Publishing House: The library ISBN: 90-255-4454-0 list price: 16.95 euro order Online! the magic of nosave shopping  the magic of shopping

the magic of winkelenPaco Underhill

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