Girl Friends

In Girlfriends come dozens of women who describe their friendship. What they find in the other, how their friendship originated and what things they share with each other. The introduction describes the phenomenon \ ‘ \ ‘ women friendship, which shows many similarities with, for example, a love affair. You look always to each other, notice that there’s something \ ‘ emerges and slowly creates a friendship. That going out of so \ ‘ n friendship can feel like heartbreak is not surprising. From the stories with American women shows that they any different friendships there on defenders. But they often have é n é real girlfriend that they laugh, listen to each other’s grief, – each other to tell the truth even when it is difficult to say – and for whom they stand up when needed. Sometimes they know you better than you know yourself and they understand you when no one else you understand.Girl friends tells the stories of old, new, best and lost friends, soulmates and confidants and examines all facets of these valuable relationships. Each chapter is introduced with a quote about friendship of a known person. The book reads get away and is therefore an ideal gift to give to your best friend. Just because they are your girlfriend is. .. The authors are also girlfriends. Carmen Renee Berry is a former psychotherapist and wrote several books about relationships. Tamara Traeder is Publisher and lawyer. They have a rich and rewarding friendship with each other and living any ë to another side of California.Image removed by editors Girlfriends Carmen Renee Berry and Tamara Traeder 237 page’s Publishing House: ô SAM H ISBN: 90-453-0492-9 list price: 14.50 euro order Online! Girlfriends  Girlfriends VriendinnenC r. Berry & t.

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