The triumph of Ivete Sangalo (+ WIN!)

How does it feel to stand for a sold out crowd here in Netherlands? Great of course! I sing Brazilian songs so I know that not everyone understands what I’m singing. However, there is a vibe similar to that in Brazil ë. That is after all, very particular. During the concert the audience sang a lot of songs Word for Word with it, while you are still relatively unknown here. There were a lot of Brazilians in the room. Those are surely all Brazilians who have built up a new life here in Netherlands. I think the Dutch who there were me maybe knowing their vacations in Brazil ë. Bahia is also a popular holiday destination where many Dutch people come. Maybe they have made with my music knowledge in the nightlife where they come.What is the difference between the public ë in Brazil and here in Europe? The Brazilian public follows me for years and carries me on hands. They do starting at the very beginning when I was still part of the carnival band Banda Eva. With them I have made six albums and more than four million records sold. After that, I went solo and is my success just moved on. ë Do I need to conquer the public outside Brazil, but that is really all very very good!

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Can you tell about Banda Eva? How did you ended up there? I knew the Jonga Cunha, producer and founder of Bloco Eva, a famous Carnival group from Bahia. He had seen me when I competed in a ‘ micareta \ ‘, a kind of Bahian Street Carnival and was immediately captivated. From then on he made me the leader of his new band so the name Banda Eva got. From that moment on was music my lust and my life. I can now no longer imagine life without music, frankly.Before you get the music in you model was went right? That’s right all the way Yes. It was something I really liked. I loved attention and of course it was nice that everyone said I was beautiful. I thought then that the modelling world something for me would be. But when I sat there once in all fell against. It’s a bit of a blank scene actually. At one point I knew the work me enough satisfaction. That is why I have never regretted my decision.What was the most important moment from you carri è re so far? First of all the time when I started with a professional muziekcarri è re. When there were a whole bunch of things in place. I was doing what I did. In addition, I had made my hobby into my work and could also look of life. Another important moment was when I Banda Eva exchanged for a solocarri è re. When I was totally new challenges on designated myself and layers for me. It felt really just as a new beginning.In which countries outside Brazil ë you are the most popular? To start in Portugal, but that actually makes sense because they speak the same language. Also in Spain are the people very excited. Actually, I’m everywhere popular where many Brazilians live. It’s not Portuguese speaking audience you have to conquer by many to act slowly and we are working on now. So I can also ë Brazil on the map in a positive way. One thing is for sure: I hope to come back soon to Netherlands. Then I hope not é n é but three times the Heineken Music Hall to sell out! Are you curious about the cheerful, uplifting summer sounds of Ivete Sangalo? With her music get your fix the eternal Sun in your home. allows some copies of Ivete’s album é n some t-shirts in the Brazilian yellow green colors available for those who are able to answer the following question: what is the name of the former band of Ivete Sangalo? Mail the answer to also mentions your name, address é n username on Without registered user name you can unfortunately not join! Only 1 entry per address is accepted. Participate in this contest can

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