Helen wants nothing more than her daughter on a private school places. Helen therefore, set the help of her friend, Sara, who because of her work has a lot of experience with admission committees. Helen and her husband Michael are both very normal people but the hustle and bustle around the sign-up process is enough for everyone to get a little crazy. Via the influential bazin by Sara hopes Helen on a faster way to find a place for her daughter. If it is not running as Helen would like to, she decides to invent something with her husband for their daughter to get on the best private school. School! is a real chick lit that the logon process in New York in a funny way trying to describe. There will undoubtedly be a serious message in it, but you’re more concerned to get you through the book to struggle. The book reads not get away because there is little tension in it and is not divided into chapters. The book pretends to be a useful book if you own right in the sign up process is. In my opinion, this book is aimed at people who are very far from here and thus better able to see the humor in this book.Image removed by redactieNancy Lieberman School! 326 pages Publishing House: A.W. Bruna ISBN: 90-229-9184-9 list price: 17,50 euro

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