after the tour refuses the elevator service, whereby the group gets stuck in my labyrinth. Out of boredom and under the influence of bad XTC suggests some of Kristels the idea of friends with the Ouija board by Kristels father the spirit of the old \ ‘ \ ‘ to call. Andries Martiens vuurman But this spirit has all other games in mind. After the seance happen there unexplained things in the mine. What begins as a joke ends in a nightmare. To blood and lurid beheadings no blemish in this homegrown horror movie. All horrorclich é s are pulled out of the closet. Blair Witch Project meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre, m é t video camera but without chain saw. And also possessed Devil look-a-likes (à la Stephen Kings Carrie) regularly in different shapes.

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Unintentional humor is at times this Dutch horror even humorous. For example, when Liesbeth (Carolina dijkhuizen) violent bloody on the ground is dry and Kristel asks: does anyone have a tissue? \ ‘ \ ‘. And the simple fashion doll Estrild (Linda Varma) which is more worried about her clothing than about impending disasters. Estrild: \ ‘ Guys I’m now right. I love so no shoes more ó far! \ ‘ unfortunately this was not the intention of the creators Frank of Believe and Edwin Visser. They say about their first horror film SL8N8: ” from the start, had to be as we wanted to see SL8N8 horror: no humor, but an extremely serious, hardcore horror film with characters that you hope they survive. A truly scary movie, in the line of the horror films of the 1980s, such as Evil Dead by Sam Raimi. In our view, still one of scariest movies of all time. ” They call their film \ ‘ \ ‘ a roller coaster ride.

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The creators wanted the film raw and authentic about them, with lots of hand-held camera work and little color. There they are w é l well managed. Especially the beginning of the film looks stunning, when Abba Martiens a couple of girls killed halfway through the nineteenth century. The rest of the film is not very believable, but very entertaining. SL8N8 is a one and a half hour massacre with a lot of speed. The film has its exciting moments, but é cht on the edge of your seat you will probably not be. SL8N8 is horror with a wink, or the creators want to or not.Sl8n8 with Victoria Koblenko, Kurt Rogiers and Carolina dijkhuizen Director: Frank van believe and Edwin Visser Time: 90 minutes Advice age: 16 years to see from 5 October on the Utrecht Film festival

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