Shadow Children

main character é n writer of this true story is Torey Hayden. She has been working for two years with psychiatric pati ë ntjes in a large hospital in just a few days time, if there are three new \ ‘ \ ‘ problems are adopted. The nine year old, severely traumatized Cassandra, who, with her aggressive, violent and manipulative attitude is hardly to approach. She carries a terrible secret with it or are all lies? And then the just four year old cute and enchanting Drake, which even without words Torey manages to win for itself from the very first minute. What is the reason of his silence? Is there something with the male itself or does it have to do with its striking family anyway? The two ë ntachtigjarige Torey’s target group actually falls outside, but Gerda hair problem is so strange and Gerda themselves so endearing that Torey yet to get started. Not é n é but three huge challenges and Torey doubt rightly or her knowledge be enough to this death sick persons to be able to help. Time, money and personnel lack, however, is no choice and soon let Torey they twenty-four hours a day working on this unfathomable, complex cases. The longer Torey ë patients with this patient works, how the stranger and more mysterious backgrounds, are the reasons and the suffered trauma. Unintentionally creates a band and then they don’t otherwise more than continue. My opinion? An amazing story. In the positive and, in actual fact, literal sense of the word. Insanely beautiful and fascinating, but also by the insanely bizarre problems and behaviors. This book is clearly written by someone with an overdose of knowledge of Psychiatry and psychology. The sessions with the patient ë patients are so detailed, knowledgeable but also warm and human written that I occasionally felt a real voyeur. A bit like I’m secretly by the mirror wall meekeek, while that was not the intention at all. Despite being a comprehensive exposition of three very complicated cases, I find it is a real story. How Torey her struggle and struggle to get to the diagnoses above water describes, is so Visual and exciting that the book halfway put it down was not an option. Fortunately it was weekend, great weather and very long light. I could read until it was off and I took that same evening for me to her previous bestselling a child in need to put at the top of my verlanglijstje read. Torey Hayden lives with husband and daughter in North Wales, for years gave les in particular education as educational psychologist and is now a successful writer in this genre.Image removed by redactieTorey Hayden Shadow children 318 pages Publishing House: The house of books ISBN: 90-443-1568-4 list price: 16,90 euro order Online! Shadow children  shadow children SchaduwkinderenT. Hayden

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