' Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man s Chest

the first Pirates movie, The Curse of The Black Pearl, was good for EUR 940 million worldwide. In this film we saw how Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) got his ship The Black Pearl back and how the cursed Captain Barbossa was eliminated. There is also something beautiful flourished between William Turner (Orlando Bloom) and Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley).Story In this second part shows that Jack Sparrow still in the chalk is Davy Jones, owner of the Ghost ship The Flying Dutchman. Sparrow appears to have sold his soul to the legendary sailor. Jones, however, is not your average captain; He has the looks of a squid and its crew members are on z \ a say the least frightening. Captain Jones has a dangerous weapon: the sea monster Kraken obeys only h é m. Will and Elizabeth are busy with wedding plans, but that are shattered if it turns out that they both be sentenced to death because of helping Pirate Jack Sparrow. They of course didn’t have their hand, and each goes his own way looking for Sparrow to with his compass under the death penalty to come out. If they return it to the Governor this particular compass they will be released. However, Sparrow has their help needed for other purposes. He is looking for the key to a treasure chest containing the heart of Davy Jones. But he is not the only …

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No children’s film is a Disney movie. This may sound lovely, a children’s film is certainly not. Previously a Disney fairy tale with a dark side. Many sc è nes are rough and exciting, especially for young children. Take them so prefer not to POTC 2 because they get guaranteed nightmares. ë Nhalf two hours is also called a very long sit.Dead man’s Chest is show, show, show! To this sequel to the blockbuster from 2003 is plain to see that the budget was huge. Beautiful animated figures, wild s è nes, fantastic costumes; everything is right. A visual masterpiece! Gore Verbinski delivers yet another movie that is worth for going to the cinema.

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Without too much away, I have to say that the end disappointed me somewhat. As with the Lord of the Rings trilogy I had here a bit the idea that I had been watching more than two hours for nothing. The real end is only in part three, whose name is not yet known. It is intended that this third part appears in the cinemas next year. The wait can be so weather start …Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest with Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley Director: Gore Verbinski duration: 150 minutes from 13 July at the cinema

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