Maria Magdalena: woman, mistress or Apostle of Jesus?

Mary Magdalene in the grotto, by Jules-Joseph è

recently his book Guts bvre re-released under the title: Mary Magdalene. Wife, mistress or Apostle of Jesus? On the cover is now the text added: \ ‘ quest for the true Mary Magdalene, key figure from the Da Vinci Code \ ‘. So could this Publisher also to link with the bestseller, so to try to score extra. Kabir’s fascination in this book focuses mainly on the person of Mary Magdalene. She is often portrayed as sinner or as whore who eventually forgiven by Jesus and repent of its sins. But like Dan Brown suggests Ka suspect that Mary Magdalene was not just a whore. From different biblical texts show that they played a very important role in his life and probably his wife or one of z \ ‘ n most important Apostles was.

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Jesus and Magdalene in Stay Me with Apples, woodcut by Eric Gill (1925-26) [

Mary Magdalene is the most abused Holy Church history. After a few entries in the Gospels was completely wiped out from the other texts of the New Testament. The patriarchal Church did not want a female Apostle and tried Magdalena complete to cover it up. Guido Ka rereads the Gospels, the apocryphal Bible texts, myths, fabrications and legends that are woven around her person. She was from a noble family from the lock Magdala? She was Jesus \ ‘ beloved and she married him? She was maybe the author of John’s Gospel? Why made the church a whore by her? On these and more questions try Ka to answer in his book. Kabir also immerses himself into works of art around the person of Mary Magdalene. Paintings and etchings from all ages pass in review. Magdalena is a source of inspiration for many artists because her life much more to the imagination than that of other Saints. So they can be displayed while they balsemt and dries up Jesus ‘ feet with her hair, or if repentant sinner who lived naked in a cave. In the book are several to find images of Magdalena-paintings and in the back is even an overview of the Belgian museums in which this art is located.

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Christ in the House of Simon

. (1464/1467). Under table working on the feet of Jesus to Mary Magdalene is embalming.

Maria Magdalena: woman, mistress or Apostle of Jesus? is not a good book to take with you on holiday. It is slightly heavier costs that concentration required. The book is very informative and interesting, but reads not get away. It is a very instructive book for Bible laymen like me. And for those who still do not have enough can get Bible analysis, this is definitely a must. Image removed by redactieGuido Kadam Maria Magdalena: woman, mistress or Apostle of Jesus? 256 pages Publisher: Van Halewyck/Elmar ISBN: 908-553-016-4 list price: 19,95 euro order Online! nosave Maria Magdalena: woman, mistress or apostle of jesus?  Maria Magdalena: woman, mistress or apostle of jesus? Mary Magdalene, wife, minnaresG. Ka

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