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I don’t generally read

often Dutch novels, because they often have something kleinburgerlijks. At the All Inclusive I was also afraid of and the first few chapters seemed to confirm my suspicions. The story is set in the Dutch capital of the middle-class mentality; Almere. The main characters are Chantal and Jeroen van der Schaaf, married, she wears his surname and they have exactly two children. Their environment is also just out of married couples with children, of which all the women, very Dutch sounding, name of their husband carry. Even I do not think z ó kneu Almere is back! Even in Almere live unmarried couples, or if they are already married, then there are women who continue to wear their own surname and even other nationalities living in Almere.

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Fortunately the parochial they were gradually disappears from the book. Chantal and Jeroen go together with their children on an all-inclusive vacation in Turkey. During this holiday drown their children in one of the swimming pools at the resort. This threatens to cost them their relationship because both parents go here in a completely different way. While Jacobs continues to withdraw into himself and eventually collapses, goes on internet search and discovered she was not an accident that the accident possible. Then, after some Jeroen is, they come together bit by bit behind how this all-inclusive holidays can be so cheap and what far-reaching consequences that can have. For they are not the only ones that something terrible happened.

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After the first few chapters good comes in and will keep you curious about the next chapter. But even though the cover says that it is a thriller goes, I would not use that description itself. The story is exciting, but that’s always a good novel; in the sense that you want to know what’s going to happen. The heart-pounding, not being able to put it down by the book, which is missing. It’s well written, but not exciting enough for a real thriller. The denouement is also somewhat against; I had expected more. The story is informative with respect to the way things are going around all-inclusive vacations. All in all is all-inclusive an interesting book, well written, but no more than that.Suzanne Vermeer all-inclusive 246 pages Publishing House: A.W. Bruna ISBN: 90-229-9182-2 list price: 17,50 euro

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