Just a gigolo

a young David Bowie in the role of Paul, a Prussian Lieutenant, comes after the first world war in Berlin, where the loss of the war clear marks. His family thought him dead and when you return shows his room rented, is his father in total shock because his homeland (and he himself as Colonel) has failed and is his mother \ ‘ \ ‘ was obliged to work in a hammam. Bowie also must work to find in the refined but expired see Berlin. Despite his pride he works as ‘ bottle ‘ promotion for a liquor store, but soon he learns the fanatic Captain Kraft (David Hemmings itself) who wants to use for its right-wing idea Paul ë n. at the funeral of a family friend Paul supports the widow Helga (Kim Novak) in a very strange way. Between the gunshots by (there is fought by soldiers during the ceremony) he guides her to safety to the small church on the cemetery and to her love. Funny: \ ‘ loads you gun! \ ‘ moans Novak. Helga used him briefly as toy and Paul seems to find his talent in there, but is the dominant Helga soon sat. Real satisfaction or better said any appreciation, he finds only when he thanks to Baroness von Same ring (Marlene Dietrich in her last role) as a gigolo is going to work. This \ ‘ \ ‘ is only really work well and it seems like its arts and women indulgenc him a golden future promise. If that is true? I won’t tell you.

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This German film was at the time the most expensive film production ever, directed by David Hemmings. Now again released on dvd including an English version. (For people who can’t hear the German text?) Bowie plays a bit stiff, and I don’t really keep in this role. Now his character also stiff, sad and serious, but his acting is not great. I’d rather hear him sing. The film does provide a nice portrait of Berlin in the years \ ‘ 20 again, but the story itself is not really out of the paint, I think. The dvd contains no extras and that’s quite a shame, because I would like to have more about the origin of the film seen or a deepening of the characters that movie stars Dietrich and Novak play.Just a gigolo with Marlene Dietrich, David Bowie, Kim Novak: time: 115 minutes language: German and English no extra’s list price: 15.99 euro Advice age: 6

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