The day of truth

rested and tanned after a few days of fresh air the family put unsuspecting again set foot, where they are submitted by the police, who immediately strikes the buoys father Douglas. He is suspected of the murder of three girls and all appearances is against him. Millers world collapses: his father, whom he has adored until then, is a killer and calculated on his beloved island is found the corpse of one of the murdered girls. Father McAllistar insists that he is innocent and is supported by his friends and family. On his favourite after. The small Miller can’t handle it, touch completely out of balance, turns his father and ultimately takes away from his childhood and family. Thirty years later Miller message that his old father, who is still stuck, is dying. If he goes back to his shoes with lead in the place where he grew up, his father just died. Miller inherits the House ashore and the holiday house, on his once-beloved island in 2005. To arrange provisional stay Miller in his childhood home and all the memories of when showing up in all its intensity. He gets the entire file unsolicited Douglas McAllister in hands and he meets the old friends of his father. Again reports and totally confused decision Miller finally made it to the file one more time to read everything by volatile so that he can finally shut down. This information, however, so many new business brings to light that Miller is going to doubt. However, his father was innocent? But who has those girls or murdered? All of a sudden he wants to only é é n thing: get the truth. Together with jeugdvriendin mesh bag Trumpet he goes exploring and discovers he may prefer things, which he never had known. Written without a more exciting story and this is mainly thanks to the brilliant plot. Over three hundred pages long knew Sue Walker to keep me as a reader in uncertainty and I think that is a handsome piece of work. I was also impressed by the grim, dark and threatening atmosphere that never actually sagging. The whole story was from start to finish in a dark dark, sad cloud shrouded. Consistently sustained and that was a good thing too, because it is through this stable factors it became finally a clear whole. For the rest I was tossed up all sides through the endless flashbacks and the rumbling with time. The perspectives exchanged rapidly and to the confusion there were letters and pieces from books stepped up. Yet it turned out strong plot and atmosphere crucial for description as for my opinion of this story. I have read a lot of pleasant hours with worn there. Image removed by editors Sue Walker the day of truth 351 pages Publishing House: Luitingh ISBN: 90-245-5734-8 list price: 17.95 euro

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