A vibrant summer

THE COMFORTER BUBBLE BAR (€ 6.25) this is the little sister of Blue Skies & Fluffy White Clouds – and looks just as beautiful – but still works more reassuring. A combination of relaxing essential oils like bergamot oil and ë ë le oli n Cypress oil make it a perfect way to calm down after a busy day. Both the oli to expel ë n help anger and frustration so connect yourself on in the bathroom, bag away in a bath full of luxurious to Blueberry scented foam and relax … SUNNY SIDE BUBBLE BAR (€ 6.25) If you like by reflective sunlight on the water and there all happy then this with gold glitter-covered bubble bar perfect for you! Sunnyside works very opliftend by the sweet orange, Mandarin and lemon essential oil ë ë le n which help keep toxins to drift and make the skin look better. FLOSTY GRITTER BUBBLE BAR SLICE (€ 4.95) this is a fuchsia pink solid bubble bar, with a silver glitter jacket, which lets you swoon on a pink glittery cloud! Contains a soft subtle blend of vanilla absolute, balancing essential lavender oil and calming benzo ë. Also contains essential Sage oil which both harmonising as stimulants works. And together provide a good feeling!

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TEMPLE OF TRUTH BUBBLE BAR (€ 5.95) can you use to take some time for yourself to think about everything? Please leave a bad flooding and crumble the Temple of Truth. Sandalwood and guiacwood essential oli ë n relate to innovation and therefore to help to get the ideas. Beware, use can lead to a totally new life! GREEN DAY BUBBLE BAR (€ 4.95) as green as you can be! This lively bubble bar helps you to calm down and everything returns to a more peaceful location to view. The Woody blend of cedar wood, patchouli and Sage essential oli ë n are all known for their calming and balancing effect. Sage helps also to put everything back in perspective. Green Day is so d é perfect bath treat you all too much as it is. The products are already available in the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Haarlem, Den Bosch, Maastricht) and Belgian (Liege) affiliates and on www.lush.nl

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