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Chakra’s in sound-color \ ‘ feel the sound inside! \ ‘-I read while I was curious about this book look. All sounds very interesting, but what should I do with it? However, it appears that to be easier than I thought. The booklet Chakra’s in sound-color-singing bowls for the energy centers provides all the basic information about the energy centers in the body, the chakra’s. the booklet includes a lot of simple instructions for beginners, so that everyone can follow. That is very pleasant. In addition to this booklet contains the interesting texts also added a cd full of pure, healing sounds. In the booklet is about these sounds then again everything written. That interaction I find very pleasant.Image removed by redactieDick das & Rainer Tillman Chakra’s in sound-color 56 pages Total running time: 73 minutes and 8 seconds Publishing House: Binkey Kok Publications ISBN: 90-78302-06-2 list price: 23.50 euroHarmonische overtones \ ‘ \ ‘ in voice and Music Magic vibrations I read on the cover of this booklet. Immediately I begin to read and I learn a lot of things about show. Never had I heard about overtones, but now I know all about it off. Overtones, which in their composition harmonious sound, hearing nature at all acoustic sounds. It is the extra tones that we can hear floating around a single acoustic tons. In this easy-to-browse booklet teaches you how to change the tones can apply at balancing your energy. In this booklet you will find next to a special cd with different examples of overtone singing, digeridoo, singing bowls and mouth harp. This booklet also contains an extra cd \ ‘ Taj. Through this cd will teach you how to sing overtones.Image removed by redactieDick das Harmonic overtones 56 pages Total running time: 9 minutes and 57 seconds (cd1), 50 minutes and 25 seconds (cd2) Publishing House: Binkey Kok Publications ISBN: 90-78302-08-9 list price: 23.50 euro secrets of the singing bowl tell the writers In this book all about the singing bowl, which also sometimes singing scale is called. The writers tell you about the history and background of the instrument. Furthermore you can read in this book how singing bowls and gongs in the far East in the long run such important instruments were in monasteries. Also in our own world scales are increasingly used, for example by healers as part of their therapy. The cd contains breathtaking examples used in meditations and healings. It is very special to your networking experts, but you do have to take the time to enjoy.Image removed by redactieDick DAS, Rainer Tillman & Hans de Back secret of the singing bowl 48 pages total playing time: 71 minutes and 11 seconds Binkey Kok Publications Publishing House: ISBN: 90-78302-06-4 list price: 23.50 euroDe healing sounds of the didgeridoo to the title should I just a little getting used to. The didgeridoo is an ordinary instrument? If I’m in the booklet to the cd I know listen, floor and that there is more. In this booklet you will read all about the wonderful aspects of this ancient Australian Aboriginal instrument that is called by the yedaki. The companion cd takes you to é n é of the oldest cultures in the world. The sounds have a relaxing effect, you get there by force and it works perfect to meditate. Really take the time to read through this booklet, because it is really special.Image removed by redactieDick das the healing sounds of the didgeridoo 48 pages total playing time: 46 minutes and 43 seconds Publishing House: Binkey Kok Publications ISBN: 90-78302-07-0 list price: 23.50 Aoum euroKlinkt as In this book, you will become acquainted with the Aoum, primitive sound and the symbol Sri Yantra. That are used for centuries in order to deepen meditation and concentration easier. In this book you will find insights that your self in practice. So you can significantly improve your mental and physical health. In addition to the book there is the cd. On this cd you will find tracks with which you can train your breath. Other tracks are more suitable as a sounding meditation. The book reads very pleasant, because everything is explained. You even get explanations of the songs on the cd.Image removed by redactieDick the rider, Danny Becher & Marjolein Bacon sounds like 64-page Aoum total playing time: 74 minutes Binkey Kok Publications Publishing House: ISBN: 90-78302-01-1 list price: 23.50 euro in short: this is a very interesting series booklets. All the booklets clearly written, and they contain all the basic information you need. If you want to know more, you can always read even more and also has the Publisher there thought of that. In every book you can find a number of tips. Furthermore, the cd’s some getting used to, but I think it is the appropriate way to experience these booklets really. www.binkeykok.com

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