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The KRO describes this DVD as \ ‘ \ ‘ indispensable for city trippers. Maybe they are right, but before I take their opinions blindly, aiguillette I me in front of the tv. I’m ready for all episodes, but equally in é to view é n times. Two hundred minutes-had in mind when I right? The first DVD describes Rome, Paris, Stockholm and Berlin. What immediately strikes me is that not only the well-known places passing by, there is a lot of attention to those less better known, but perhaps more magnificent, more exciting places that these cities are also rich. Of course this also applies to the second DVD which Lisbon, Barcelona, Istanbul and Prague are described.

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First of all, the highlights of a city as the crow flies over. At those times to tell you much, but later in the episode we dive really downtown. Karin de Groot take you to that hidden spots. Each episode are seven tips selected by viewers. Furthermore, we also get an absolute don’t-tip. I find it great. I myself am also in Barcelona and I got myself really entertained on the Ramblas, but now I see that that’s really Not Done is: shops with overpriced knick knacks are interspersed with outdoor cafes. We want to maybe not? Furthermore, each episode tells a Dutchman about his favorite place in the city where he or she lives or spends a lot of time for a while. Eric van Teijlingen priest tells about his favorite coffee bar in Rome. Philip Freriks takes us along The Meridian of Paris \ ‘ \ ‘. We’re going with Margriet Brandsma to the Teufelsberg and dj Joost van Bellen takes us shopping in Vin ç on, a department store in Barcelona. In addition, the DVD series a very useful city trips Tips booklet. The tips in the episodes are briefly described here, are just a little offer came. Often is hereby also the address or a website. In addition, you can browse our website by KRO city trips also find even more tips and information. It’s definitely worth it to take a look. Would you like to book a city trip soon, then KRO Citytrips highly recommended. After seeing this DVD I got immediately feel like the plane and they é é é n é n for a visit. The are no standard promotional films for the city and that is why I think it so nice to the DVD a city to visit. It also let you guys know if you guys have booked a trip?Image removed by Karin de Groot redactieKRO city trips takes you to Barcelona, Lisbon and Paris time: about 200 minutes (2DVD’s) list price: 19.99 euro Advice age: all ages

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